Teammate info on Hub glitches out every game + other crash logs and minor bugs

Just a couple major bugs/issues I’ve encountered in the 20hrs of gameplay. Doing my part.

  1. The teammate portion of the hub constantly glitches out and shifts lower nearly completely off the screen, resulting in most teammates info being cut off. Oddly enough when this happens, the teammates that are still showing up are displaying incorrect info. I can fix this by going into settings moving the ‘Hub scale’ slider back and forth and then resuming the game. Happens in both windowed and full screen.

  2. (3x) hard game crashes thus far, usually occurs during large hordes. I have attached txt file with the log reports.
    Darktide Preorder Beta Crash logs.txt (703 Bytes)

  3. Multiple (~1 out of 4 games) server disconnects. I didn’t write down the specific error, but usually it begins with heavy lag spikes for 10-20sec before disconnect. I can usually reconnect and finish mission without issue. Tends to occur near end of missions.

  4. Twice I’ve had the mouse fail to lock, making it unplayable in windowed mode and in full screen the cursor is visible and moves around during play.

  5. Occasional disappearing gear/body parts for players in the hub. This is rare, and fixes itself quickly.

  6. This isn’t a bug, but I’ll mention that performance (like everyone has already mentioned) is pretty poor, I get decent frames after setting tweaking, but it varies so wildly it can become nauseating sometimes. And RIP my friends with 2+ yr/old components.

Setup information:
Platform: Steam/Windows
GPU: 3060ti (latest drivers)
CPU: 12700f
RAM: 32GB, 3200mhz CL16
Internet speeds: 70-100 Mbps (wifi, 5ghz, excellent signal strength)