Taal's Twinned Arrow Blunderbuss

Blunderbuss doesn’t benefit from Taal’s Twinned Arrow.
It splits the 12 pellets into 2 shots (3 pellets / 9 pellets)
Kinda just breaks the weapon and makes it worse (2nd set of pellets shoots fairly high)

EDIT: Also “breaks”:
Grudge (3/6pellet split)
Griffon-foot (3/15 pellet split)
Coru staff (3/9 pellet split)
Repeater Pistol (3/5 pellet split)
Shade Volley Crossbow (Right clicks function practically the same as without twinned arrow)
Deepwood staff (functions practically the same as without twinned arrow)

Additionally stacking Twinned arrow & Morgrim’s Resourcefulness (consumable projectile) will split the pellets even further. e.g 3/3/6 pellet split (Blunderbuss)


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