Surge Staff nerf!....why devs?

Actually, after my testing, 20 attacks got 5 head hits, however, keep in mind that each attack actually has 3 separate damages, and any of these can or may not be head hits, which means, in fact, 5 head hits out of 60 attacks, which is a 5/60 equals 0.083.
The other test was 19 out of 50 attacks, which means that 19/150 equals 0.12

Except for the last big damage, the first two are just small damages, and it doesn’t matter whether this small damage hits the head or not.

And if you think about it carefully, if divide the enemy into a detailed model, it can actually be divided into 10 parts, and the limbs are composed of two parts each, plus the torso and the head, so that there is a 1 in 10 chance of hitting the head. And that’s very close to my test results, do you think it’s some kind of coincidence?

Variety is the spice of our bacterial ailments, but psykers using exploit crutches were obvious (real).

I will say, getting headshots with the charged attack was weird and satisfying and getting limb/weapon hit was weird and depressing, so no argument from me there.

Edit: also can’t argue about the range. Sometimes charged attack will reach out and grab snipers and sometimes it won’t reach across a sidewalk to hit a lone gunner. Don’t know why.

I do, it will simply go back to patch 13 where Void was the one staff everybody used.

My point though was that it was strong but in its niche: it was strong against specials and armored enemies, but against mobs was useless and against bosses it was tickleish.

Right now it’s strong against nothing, and its crowd control is better obtained by other means.
The only thing it can oneshot now is a mob, and only if fully charged.

To kill a single Rager it takes from 0 to 100 peril. Oneshotting them was too much, but right now it’s too much on the other side of the spectrum.

It did feel a little OP. I think it should’ve been buffed when the EP bug was fixed though. Without that bug, it did feel pretty lacklustre.

I disagree. I was using surge with warp charges because that was the primary way to enjoy it without exploits and it was fine against all elites and specials besides muties, maulers, and ogryns.

People using the Empowered exploit very obviously never used their melee, or dodged, or positioned, or did anything except kill everything in one to two zaps. It was annoying.

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I wanna address one thing, before Surge rework, it was not only CC machine, it was Scab deleter. Any Flak enemies were just toast in tinfoil for it.

With this warp charge surge build of yours, have you tested it after the patch? If so and it still holds up, please do share would love to test it out.

You must have come across the majority of the players who were using the exploit, as I rarely encountered Surge staff Psykers in my missions. Most of the time Psykers were in my missions they were Assail spammers, which is still busted and somewhat spammable I might add.

That is simply not true.
I’ve been using it the past 2 days and it’s a one target deleter at a time.
By the time I killed one ogryn the others had been killed by my party.

Again, 125% increased damage was too much, it simply does not hold up as a staff without a rework.
And as I said time and time again, the rework does not need to be increased damage, it could also be reduced peril generation.

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Pardon the wait, had to whip out the advance screen capturing technology

No advance secrets here, it’s just a warp charge build with venting shriek and smite for no other reason except that i enjoy being a taser mage more than magic head pops.

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I haven’t played with surge since pre patch, until yesterday. I have to say surge is underperforming now, and this is not just down to the EP fix. Its time to kill on light elites and specials has increased and I used it without EP/Smite exploits. I barely scratched 300k range damage in a STG game yesterday, where before that would be closer to 500k+.

Yo can I get the lore dump on this? (Is it just the progression of calling something “aids”?)

Yes Surge staff need a fix, yes the exploding corpse was fun, yes would be nice to stagger more targets or/and deal more damage to the secondary targets for more utility but no it doesn’t need raw DaMaGe.

this topic smell like a glitch fanclub.

That’d explain so much why the staff feels so inconsistent now!
Of course Fatshark found a way to create a bug that makes a staff that has already hit the body, sometimes hit the limbs instead…

All they had to do was fix the Empowered Psychonics bug, instead they managed to make the damage inconsistent now. Patch 13 damage was fine, now it’s not even worth using anymore.

No, it isn’t the Psionics/Smite bug being fixed.

I ALWAYS avoided it knowing it was a bug and it was great still. I did a lot of damage without the bug.

They made the staff target limbs, and limbs take less damage. This is why it feels bad.

However it can now randomly hit the head too.

AFAIK, Fatshark has a hotfix in progress to address this and Exhilarating Takedown.

Anyway, in its current bugged state, if you run it with the Disrupt Destiny part of the tree at the bottom it becomes pretty good again.

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Let’s just say the amount of limbs is not the same as the amount of heads…

snort :joy:

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