Suicide bots- Warcamp

The war camp, I climbed up to the tower at the battering ram event, got bomb, etc… I used the ladder to go down, the bots used the gravity. 3/3 dead.


Well, most of the time I use gravity too. That ladder is bugged as hell.

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A little hint (that you may know already): on the left side of the tower (from the ladder PoV), there’s an extra platform partway, which you can use to come down faster and honestly safer than the ladder. And if any bots are following at your heels, that would likely reduce their chances of failing too, as they try to trail you.


Well, its not that I miss them, or anything… Finally could aim without Kruber popping up at the last second on my crosshair :smiley: Also, I have no issue using ladders in this game so far.

Speaking of Kruber popping up, I wanna unlock the bot teleportation talent. I’ve had one Dr Strange phase through the map, 100 meters to knock a gutter runner off me, than instantly fly back to my friend who was getting the grim. We must learn how to harness this power, sigmar bless me.

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