End of game stats kind of similar to L4D (who got the most kills, who did most dmg to the boss, who revived the most teammates, etc) & even reward players for it (200 or something gold for having most kills or whichever).

New maps is a must I have around 30 hours in the game & playing the same 4 maps is starting to drive me crazy especially when the Medicae station are in the same exact spots every time & loot boxes you can open are also in the same spots every time, I think it would help to move stuff around (medicae stations & loot boxes) so maps don’t feel like a pattern.

I think having 2-3 different grenades for each character would be sick (such as in Deep Rock Galactic)
I have been mostly playing Zealot but I wanted to play Psykinetic but their head burst is just slows me down soo much, also Zealot stun isn’t that fun to use.

I’m not sure if this is a suggestion or what but I’ve been trying to get challenges done & the get 20 consecutive headshots one has been pissing me off, I shoot people in the head see blood & hear the headshot sound but no hitmarker like I didn’t hit them happens quite a bit & it is frustrating.