Suggestions after 20 hours of gameplay

Aside from the obvious need for optimization, here’s my list of suggestions:

  1. Animation for weapons when the player gets too close to a wall/surface rather than how it is now where your whole arm just noclips through.

  2. It seems like the character gets stuck on small ledges very easily. I’ve noticed this when I’m playing veteran aiming down sight while also trying to walkup a set of small stairs. My character’s toes will get stuck on a step and it screws with my aim.

  3. I’ve noticed that enemies are able to hit me from a distance that feels a bit out of their reach. Not sure if it’s because of my FOV (90).

  4. Vaulting feels a bit inconsistent.

These are my main gripes with the game but I really do think it’s a great game. I just wish I could run it better.


I’m in almost the exact same boat with all of these.