Sudden, large drop in framerate

Playing on medium-ish settings, I’ve usually had anything between 30-50 fps. This changed today. When I start the game it runs normally at first and then, after a minute or two, suffers a massive dip in framerate into 10-20 fps. I’ve updated my NVidia drivers, optimized my hard drive and lowered graphical settings but the drop is still there. Makes the game semi-unplayable. Any ideas?

My current setup:

AMD Ryzen 5600 CPU

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

B450-A Pro motherboard


SSD disk

Creative 0-48W charger

Windows 11

About a month ago I’ve suffered similiar framerate losses. Upgrading my CPU from AMD Ryzen 5 2600 to Ryzen 5600 fixed that issue - temporarily, it seems.

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What type of disk you are using? Is it SSD or HDD? HDD is no good in 2023 tbh, especialy with M2 avaible in stores.
Where is system virtual memory alocated?
Are you running dual channel memory mode or just single channel?

Upgrading my motherboard from B450-A Pro to Ryzen 5600 fixed that issue - temporarily

B450-A Pro is motherboard, but Ryzen 5600 is CPU also 3 version with g/h/x index.

HDD is sata connected for sure and speed can be 200mbps at best (real speed usualy much slower), while it seems okey at 1st, running games with virtual memory usage (which actualy droping files onto HDD via SATA port) is really bad idea. If System, games and other things, located on the same disk with virtual memory - you will have a really bad experience. If virtual memory usage is running, of course.

Edited my original post so as to fix the confusion of what’s CPU and what’s motherboard.

SSD drive.

Virtual memory (whatever it is, don’t explain, just letting you know I don’t know squat about PC technicalities) is located on Disk C. I have two disks, C for essentials and D for anything else: documents, video games etc. Both disks have plenty of memory left.

Dual what? Anyway, I’ve checked it in the Task Manager and… I don’t know how many channels I am using. 1 out of 4?

Try CPU-Z utility

Well, you can try to instal MSI Afterburner with Riva Tuner S.S., with overlay you can monitor resources of PC while running game.
Such as: current CPU usage, power consumption, memory usage, amount of dedicated memory for current process, Videocard usage.
This will likely allow you to find bottleneck and statering issue, tune up in-game options for better perfomance and such.
Unless Darktide itself is reason of low perfomance.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve installed that program, started the game, changed my graphic settings to low and compared my resources usage from two points in a match. First one’s from the beginning of the match:

And second one’s from when the drop in framerate started:

Correct me if I’m wrong but there is no difference in resources usage other than my PC’s temperature being one degree higher after the framerate drop, which may not even be related. I am at a loss.

MSI Afterburner Overlay Customization Guide - Gaming PC Builder.
Here is manual. I don’t have access to my home PC right now, so guide shall help.
Once it’s done - try to find cpu and gpu usage on FPS drop.

Side note: drop in framerate takes place only in Darktide. I’ve tested Halo: Reach, Halo 4 and Endless Space 2 and the problem did not occur in these games.

Before the drop:

After the drop:

Videocard memory temperature limit reached…
Try this: add FPS, Frametime, Limit. temperature Text and graphs in MSI AB monitoring settings.
My guess: your videocards memory reach it’s temperature limit and drops voltage right after, which cause FPS drop.

88 is a bit too much tbh. CPU seems comfortable, but videocard seems under pressure.

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So what you’re saying is that my graphics card is at fault. I guess it is possible, it is far from newest and has been used extensively.

I would like to put all that information on screen display but I cannot, the options to do so are greyed out.

Can’t even set “checkmark”? Strange. First you need set up checkmark on upper table, then options become active in low section.

You are running PC with 2 v-cards: integrated graphics from AMD, i guess Vega7 series or such and Nvidia 2070. Never had such experience, can’t say for sure, what mess it might cause. But usualy it’s accessible by default…

About videocard state: you can try to carefully disassemble it and clean up. Change thermal grease on GPU and check state of thermal pads on memory chips and on power circuit area. Some thermal pads leaking with silicon faction and leaving grease traces, but you need some good tech spirits to clean 'em up and spare pads with same thickness. It’s not really hard, but takes some time and efforts + money on consumables. If you are not sure how to, ask some friends, who have experience in that case.

Also you can shorten list of CPU data to overall data: to CPU frequency, CPU temperature and CPU load. Consumption just a bonus, if you wish to know, how much energy he can eat 8)

Oh, okay, first I’ve had to checkmark every option, only then could I put it on screen. A weird way of doing that but okay, now I can put everything on display. Here, before and after:

I’ve recently changed my CPU and while doing that I’ve had my entire PC cleaned up. The technician didn’t focus on the graphics card but I’m not sure if I feel like giving my PC away and waste time having them change the thermal pads when the whole GPU likely needs to go; I’ve owned it for a few years and never changed the thermal coating… which is dumb in retrospective but it’s probably too late for it now.

Well, you can try to limit your in-game Framecap down to 60, this will surely limit impact on GPU performance, also if your monitor 75Hz or 60Hz you can simply run VSync option.
Simply shortening possibility of overheat.

And it’s never to late, to care about hardware. I’m working in regional hospital and old videocards from top segment always doing great job with Magnetic resonance imaging and CT scan, which actually been used by many medical specialists from trauma to dentists. So even if you believe your hardware is out of play, it still has application in many other professions. Even work in autocad spreadsheets can be much more productive with good GPU. Can’t say much about truly old hardware, but 8-10 years old GPUs are still viable. And cleaning old grease (which is more like concrete in such case) is not as easy, as some goo-like.

This may be just a temporary fix but at least for now I’ve fixed my PC by myself, and it’s funny. I’ve noticed that my PC was strangely quiet. Usually it’s loud because of the loud fan. I’ve, err, “technically prodded” the PC a few times, it got loud again and the fps didn’t drop no more.

I’m an engineer.

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so it was overheating after all. Gratz!

It is also possible that setting FPS’ limit to 60 did something, but I prefer to believe my original explanation on the basis of it being a better story.

Anyway, thanks for the advice, appreciated, and if the fix does turn out to be temporary then I’ll at least know what to do.