Sub-1000 current players on Steam

818 players

RIP :skull_and_crossbones:

I am not sure as you look you are.

We’ll see. Game is really fun… However, people could also want to wait for new content and they want a break after the “big” news we had.

Where are you looking?

Steam charts says this

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Yeah that was the shop reset time


Steamplayercount says this

Steam DB says this…


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Is it because of Steam Maintenance downtime though?

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steam maintenance is 7pm est so no

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Wow. I wonder what happened, because that seems like too much of an outlier. The lowest I’d seen was in the 4k range.

i mean steam somtimes does cut out like that randomly etc

It was during Steam Maintenance. It was ~6:15 EST tonight and lasted until ~6:30-6:45. (Things get screwy for a while as things come back up)

Minus the part where it was. Maintenance is generally between 6-7PM, varying slightly within a roughly 30 minute window, and also doesn’t take daylight savings into account. (AKA right now it’s generally around 6)

This topic is silly.

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Oh look another post that misrepresents the player count. Game has issues, duh. Player count is dropping, duh. We know.

We don’t need screenshots at 2 AM to distort the real values. We don’t need to take a screenshot during the standard and predictable steam maintenance window and pretend like that’s an accurate representation.

Thank you! First thing that popped into my head was: Outlier → Tuesday → Steam maintenance.

When something is this much of an outlier, I think a little common sense is warranted.

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I took a break after getting to 30 with only 2 characters and having felt very little reward in continued play after [checks Steam] 231.3 hours. Distracting myself with some backlog titles in the meanwhile.

I’ve definitely been feeling the itch to play, though as I found myself in a completely different game attempting to throw myself at what could constitute as a horde and blasting Immortal Imperium and Disposal Unit…