Stuck on a black screen after finishing a game


Yesterday I was host, with my friend and random people we got stuck after the final bubble; before the next screen is displaying, while an artistical black screen kept us in suspense :heart_eyes:

Only thing working, the chat ! We chatted, we waited, we chatted, some of us left, nothing changed… Still stuck on a kind of infinite background loop. After 6 full minutes, we had to definitively quit the game by pressing ALT F4 / CTRL ALT DEL…

It is not the first time it’s happening, but usually when someone else leave, it’s ok, the next screens get unstuck. Also already met this as client while joining a starting game, but after a while of 5 minutes, the game without any previous dialogue or information on what it’s happening (just a full black screen and the chat working), you get a late reassuring message saying : connection with host fail, “quit game” lol !

Suggestion : please add the possibility to call the main menu by pressing escape, or give us another way to quit a game anytime, even on this black screen. Because in the actual state, we can’t do nothing but wait a long time for the game does something, and sometimes it does nothing ! (Or obviously, fix this).

Thanks for reading.


We’re actively looking in to this issue. Thank you for your report, and apologies for the inconvenience.

Hello FS_Julia,

Thank you for reading and replying.

I send you this : [Major] Quickplay -> random hosted games not reliable (new updates)

I think there is a relationship !

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