Strength doesn't affect headshot dmg vs armour and/or super armour with several weapons

Several weapons do not get increased headshot dmg vs armour and/or super armour when under the effect on strength potion, or the headshot damage and bodyshot damage is the same. Or in the case of swiftbow’s charge attacks, gets a smaller increase in headshot damage from strength than on bodyshots, meaking bodyshots deal more damage under str.
Weapons i have tested is repaeter handgun headshots vs super armour, 1-h mace/hammer light headshots do not get a dmg increase on headshots, bolt staff charge 1 deals same bodyshot and headshot dmg vs armour under str and gains no headshot dmg vs super armour on charge 1 and 2, meaning bodyshots deal more dmg vs warriors than headshots under strength. Spear lights and charge 2 are also affected by this as well as swiftbow light and charge attacks.
This issue seems to affect a large number of weapons and i’d have to go test each and everyone which i probably won’t get around to.
But i get the impression that the attacks affected by this, are the same ones that was buffed recently to have more headshot armour damage.

EDIT: Gifs need some time to buffer before they can play.

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