Strange lags/latency unresponsive movement in the game

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Issue Description:
After latest patch( dont know if it aappeared after 1.07 or only after 1.08 issue) i do not get disconnects when in game BUT

1) i do get wierd latency issues/behavior. Multiple times in the mission i lose control of the character’s movement. The character gets stuck moving into some direction, i cant stop or change direction and usually the view/camera is stuck and cant be changed by the mouse/keyboard. Usually i still can shoot/swing or zoom in/zoom out weapon scope…

After few seconds it stops and then repeats few minutes later…

#2) with 1.08 i randomly get bounced around during explosions/shooting/melee fighrs. Something feels weird - i fight and then get knocked up as if i did rocket jump or did double/triple jump or fall/flyght through textures. I do not get hit/damaged, but it feels lke some glitch/exploit … It was not happening previously - did some elits get knocback effects (e.g. shotgunners)…? It happened first time when shotgunner shot me in close range. But i flrw yp as if no real ragdoll was there

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I’ve raised this to our database. Thank you.

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Oh man, finally i find someone who has the same issue i am having. It’s the exact same thing. And it started with the latest day 1 patch. Nothing of the sort was happening in the pre-launch beta.
This is actually very serious because it prevents a decent game flow. I’ve read something about the game messing with the usb drivers and cause constant drops in the connection.