Stormvermin Animation can make them phase through walls

Issue Description:
Stormvermin overhead makes them either A. phase through walls making them entirely invisible allowing them to essentially hide in the wall and hit the player without them being able to see the enemy or B. when they take the step back, mid animation, they’ll step through a wall. It seems whenever they perform an overhead they ignore collision (can the players have this? It would actually help with a lot of issues with tiny little rocks just stopping the player from moving entirely)

Steps to Reproduce:
Allow a SV to do their overhead next to a wall or near a ramp and they will phase through it.

Map Name (If Applicable):
Against the Grain (can be seen very egregiously when leaving the last barn going to the exit, stormvermin can spawn outside the door and will perform an overhead and completely disappear beneath the little ramp there.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
Often (<75%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
I’ll upload screenshots when i see it again since it happens fairly frequent