Steam Ratings: From 87% to 45% in two weeks

What’s name do you have for try hard git guders?

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All that has really changed effectively to combat is the dodge changes, slave hordes are tankier (chaos hordes don’t feel that much different because slaves went from mostly 1 hit to 2 hits while fanatics are about the same effectively due to the stagger bonuses), elites/specials are easier to kill, and the introduction of the bestmen (high mass aggressive horde) which probably would be tuned down slightly over time. Or am I missing anything?

I run off meta builds mostly, and if anything combat has gotten more fun and exciting to me (aside from slave hordes, I’d prefer less hp). Fast paced combat with high mobility weapons are still viable based on my experience so far, you just have to be more tight with your dodge/block/push timings, that is all (aside from banners in tunnels…)

The AI Director and individual unit AI both changed quite a lot. Rats are faster, attack faster (aka attack animations are shorter), turn faster, spawn faster, spawn closer to you, make more effort to flank you, make less noise to warn you they are coming (this may be a bug), start running attacks from behind other rats where you can’t see them, and there are more of them.

You know, just in case increasing their HP by 50% and making dodge useless if you have a ping over 50ms wasn’t enough.


How cute.

And both of you forgot cleave and stagger nerfs.


Source? I do know that there has been some changes to the slot system (mainly for elites iirc) and spawns are borked as usual with each new large patch, and sounds are broken again, but otherwise I’m not feeling much difference.

I’m pretty sure you still can ;) But this argument is irrelevant to the issues we have now. Like the fact that you can’t kite few damn clanrats as host on max mobility elf… that is just busted. That is not good change.

They do a lot of broken things, that is what they do now…

We went over this in the other thread :smile: there is so many things … and I wasn’t even talking baout the stagger mechanic.

Or players who can adapt but still quite strongly dislike a lot of changes.

Yea but, I talked to few of those also, those guys have no clue what is goin on, it’s like guy is telling me how he is having a blast in weaves, but when I ask him what weave is he doing … he says 18… well W18 that is comical difficulty wise, you could prolly do solo up to W30 or something, so ofc he is somehow progressing and having a blast now. But he sure as hell won’t be once he hits 25-30-35 or something and gets slaughter 50 times in the same weave and won’t be able to find group… and at that point he will drop it since there is zero replayability. And those new people might not have any reference to how combat worked before so they can’t really complain about that either.

It’s not only dodge changes as in only turning down one dodge window dial from 1500ms to 500ms… it’s many other changes and bugs and then there are other issues that arise from those changes.

In following post I name some of the issues :

And here is follow up on that topic :slight_smile:


After playing across Atlantic, f this change.

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Yeah competition is just plain wrong in a co-op, expecially when so many design decisions revolve around it


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The patch notes.

The spawner problems are common knowledge and admittedly may be a bug.

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oh there was turnaround speed but they are practically instantly doing 180, i think its bugged

I think I read somewhere it was faster turn around with lower angle.

What’s funny is that all they had to do was add some new maps, some new skins, some new weapons, and you’d have a great expansion that people would love.

All they had to do was just add some new stuff to earn and play with.

Lord knows how many hours and how much manpower was poured into all this crap people didn’t want or outright hate when that work could have gone into things like skins, weapons, and maps.

I certainly feel much, much, much less motivation to play this game. Legend used to be around twenty minutes to beat and a 80% SUCCESS rate with randoms…now, it’s a long un-fun slog with randoms that results in a 80% LOSS rate. When the Beastie Boys show up, it’s almost always the end of the run. So that’s fun. I love the idea of a new higher difficulty mode, but why mess with the difficulties we already have? Especially when rewards are tied to the difficulties.

At least the crappy base game progression wasn’t changed… and new bugs are fun, weird attack animations, odd changes to temp health, baffling talent reworks…just feels kinda odd that not only did the game get obviously worse, I paid for the privilege.

image On a side note, I’ve been getting really good at Mordhau now.


I am almost convinced that the FS approached the matter with great ambition. They probably don’t want to be guys only for making maps. Ok, that’s understandable but unfortunately, whole project exceeded their capabilities and as you can see, they don’t want to admit it.
“Pride walks before falling” - I think they should learn the lessons.


That is a 100% increase to time to kill. That’s like saying an 800km journey isn’t any different to a 400km journey because your still riding a bike.


IIRC you’ve been praising the game in your content at about the same time that veteran players were getting fed up with the broken state of the game and overall pissed by its degrading quality.

Now we’re all pissed equally. Welcome to the club, buddy.


I didn’t realize it, so many current combat problems may not be unintentional bugs but the direct effects of FS’s balance!
Enemies attacking too fast, especially from the second row of a horde etc.
It may very well be the beastmen aren’t the problem here (not counting the stealth and hitting through their allies)

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It seriously seems like FS doesnt give a sh!t

agreed, so when I now win a legend QP instead of feeling ready for the next one, I have to take a break from playing since it was such hard work now cutting through a meat wall for 45 minutes

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