Steam Deck compatibility

Installed Darktide on my steam deck and the game crashes after it loads shaders and then takes me to a blank launcher. Once I hit play the game closes on me. Will this game eventually be compatible with the steam deck? Or is it already and I’m missing something. I attempted doing what people did with vermintide using Proton and that didn’t seem to work either.

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That’s weird because its working more or less fine on my deck. Have you verified your files? The only real issue I’ve ran into is the settings menu not letting me change some options.

I am pretty sure its to do with easy anti cheat not working with linux on the deck. Or have you changed it to windows? there are a few games with easy anti cheat that the deck will not run.

I haven’t done anything custom to my deck, the game should work for you.

My game makes it into the game just fine, just when i get into character selection and choose a character get connection error 2007.

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