Spitballin': A New Loot Tier Beyond Emperor Vaults

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What do you guys think about introducing a new tier of loot beyond “Emperor’s Vault”? I was thinking “Okri’s Stash” might be appropriate.

Recently I’ve been running legend deeds with pickup groups and it seems clear to me that there’s a lot of great potential in the game mutators that isn’t being fully realized. At the same time, the grind for rare items (reds and cosmetics) is… well, grindy.

It seems to me like there’s an opportunity here to ease both issues with one system. So instead of deeds granting extra ordinary chests as a reward, they could instead add additional progress to the end-of-game loot screen. If you can manage to get to the “Okri’s Stash” level you’d have a really good chance at dropping the best loot in the game.

This would effectively pull Legend deeds into the main progression/mastery arc for players, giving them an interesting and solidly-incentivized place to head once Legend starts feeling a bit stale.

Naturally, this system would work even better with a bit of a deeds overhaul. Some modifiers are much more fun than others (the whole set could use a review, I think) and I’d really like to be able to upgrade deeds for sub-Legend to Legend, just to mention two possible avenues for improvement.

Thoughts? It occurs to me that this is little like how Deathwish worked in VT1. It was much harder than Cata, but the mod also pushed your chances to drop Red quite a bit higher. That felt fair given how much better you had to get to reliably beat Deathwish vs. Cata

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