Specials are Still Overpowered: Breakdown

I think it would. Not sure.

Force Sword special is actually very powerful.

Trapper : Still not a good sound queue for these guys. They talk about snatching you up, but usually you can’t hear it over the rabble of the rest.

The voice line is loud and very distinctive for me, the problem is it doesn’t play half the time.

Rager (Armored/Unarmored) : The armored ragers are far too armored for the dps they do. They stagger your character endlessly, and almost seem to be unaffected by all melee attacks. The unarmored ones are fine, but a hulking menace in full armor shouldn’t be able to attack as fast as they do.

Blocking neuters these guys, even if you have 0 stamina. I would agree that the armoured variant could do with a bit less health though.
They can also be staggered with shotguns.

Snipers : Forgot to mention these bad boys. If you thought other enemies had aim-bot, these guys will make you cry. One shot through full shield and health? What’s the point of even keeping shield then? Make their aimbot less annoying.

There’s another topic about melee attacks going through full Toughness and doing health chip damage, the sniper has the same effect and it needs to be nixed. It is not fun to be 1-shot killed (killed, not downed) because you failed to notice a laser pointer while on 2/3rds corruption and fighting off a horde or reviving a squadmate.

The damage and knock back is fine, it tells the player ‘get to cover NOW’ but the health damage is overkill.

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My biggest complaint is the trapper having almost No sound que for these, it will be completely silent and one will show up, maybe its a distant voice line that is super quiet, it needs to be a distinct sound and needs to be far far louder

I think specials are actually very good as they are. If they are made to obvious or too easy to kill, the game will get very boring. I think you are supposed to struggle, and things are supposed to get hectic every now and then.

I think dealing with them mostly comes down to staying alert, prioritising targets, and using the right weapon for the job.

I agree that they are too tanky. Also applies to the scab gunners.

Yes, the sound cues are a bit too quiet, but I don’t mind the surprise. They are easy enough to kill in terms of HP though.

As someone else said, block them. Or use a chain weapon special attack to stagger them and 1 or 2 shot kill them (even the armored ones are pretty easy with a chainsword/eviscerator).

I agree with bombers throwing booms to frequently. It’s a very big area denial. It also annoys me greatly how they just keep running away! Thankfully, they are easy enough to kill once you get a shot on them.

They are fine. Maybe they should do a little bit less damage.

I agree and disagree with having to kill them off. If you could get them off a teammate with just a couple of shots then you would still have to deal with a running doggo. At least in this way you get a definite chance to kill it for good.

I love mutants! They are not hard to kill with ranged weapons on approach (I mostly use the shotgun), but they are also not hard to dodge. If they hit a wall they will get staggered for a while, during which you can even switch to melee and finish them.

I agree they shouldn’t do as much health damage as they do if you have full shield. Since I mostly use shotgun I tend to leave them for my teammates to deal with, or otherwise run up to them sliding from cover to cover until I can charge at them on melee or I am close enough for my shotgun to hit them. They are squishy.

On the subject of the Trapper, I figured out why the voice lines don’t seem to want to play half the time:

The Trapper has two sets of voice lines; male and female. The female voice lines are loud, distinctive, and you’ve got a good chance to hear them over the sounds of other enemies. The male voicelines… are not.

I think this is what people are talking about when they say they can’t hear the trapper.

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Good catch! I’ve noticed I always hear the female trapper coming, but never the male one.

I never thought the trapper has sexes - but indeed - I can only hear female trapper.

The only ones I really have a problem with, as in, they are gamebreaking. are Gunners and Trappers. Trappers are singlehandedly capable of ending runs because they can effectively instakill you and then just move on to effectively instakilling your teammates. I have had multiple runs ended by the fact that one person got downed and the other three were trapped. They should be required to stay with the person they trapped so they cant just move on or the player should be able to free themselves or something idk but they need to change. Gunners arent too bad except for their god damn stun lock which can go through zealots ult for some reason

Yeah I agree that the specials are way too tanky, devs should probably reduce most specials health by at least 25%. The Trappers, Gunners and Pox Bursters are the worse offenders. The Dog and Mutant also feel a tad tanky. But yeah most specials across the board could use a health nerf, they’re way tankier then what we had in vermintide 2.

Zealot main here and Ive been playing difficulty 3s since around 9th level. Havent gotten to 4s yet.

  1. Shotgunners are my bane. When I see even one mixed into a wave I have to basically duck behind cover and clear any enemies that push me while remaining out of LOS from the shotgunner. One blast from the shotty will clear my toughness and basically render me a sitting duck to regular gun wielders. While tagging them in melee works very well, getting there is the main problem.

  2. I actually havent been hit by trappers much, although I usually dont spot them until the net whizzes past me. The policy of always be dodging as a zealot though does do a decent job of countering these.

  3. Basically not an issue at all for me. I usually run straight up to the face of 2-3 ragers, poke them a few times to get aggro, then just hold up block and dodge backwards to draw their attention while our veteran fills them with holes. A veteran can shred like 3 ragers in a matter of seconds.

  4. I… actually have had no problem with these guys. But once again I am a high mobility buils which dodges constantly, so getting hit by a grenade is hard. Although on the flipside unless i get a solid opening to blam them with the laspistol I basically cant really kill them either cos they run away.

  5. Not had too much issue with them. It is possible to minimize the damage through a well timed dodge when the pox burster gets close. Generally though i just try to let the veterans deal with it while rotating to hold a different angle.

  6. Hounds are stupid xD. Takes like 5-6 hits from my laspistol to drop and dodging isnt an option and they are glitchy AF. Block+push works but they will leap at you through a horde and they have a tiny profile so its easy to miss. Definitely one of the most annoying specials.

  7. I frankly dont know how to deal with mutants. So far my policy has been, back up into the middle of the team, eat the charge, and pray my team can kill the mutant before i get yeeted. Nothing seems to cancel their charge.

  8. Snipers actually are another one i find not much issur with. I cant kill them and rely heavilh on vets to actually deal with them, but always dodging means snipers can rarerly get a shot off. And even when they do it misses most of the time. The only problem is when you need to revive someone. Then ur screwed.

I feel like a lot of ranged specials have too much health in general. On harder difficulties where ammo becomes more limited that ends up being a pretty significant problem.

completely agree. have them holding the melee and the firearms should be at there feet or somthin.
You should be able to know what comp you have at a glance and act accordingly.

One note for poxbursters: if you shove a poxburster that’s running at you, it dies as soon as it hits the ground. A shove + backdodge will instantly kill it and get you out of its explosion radius most of the time with most melee weapons.

I have 3 main problems with elites and special and 2 of them are sound related.

Ragers have no distinctive sound cues for how dangerous they are on higher difficulties.

Chatter based approach cues and some spawn cues are being drowned out by environmental sounds (bomber and trapper spawn, trapper and flamer approach)

Trapper had a charge up sound and a fire sound in the last beta, but now both charge up and fire are the same sound. It got me a few times earlier on when I dodged on the first sound and got hit by the second in the little bit of dodge cooldown.

Frankly my major issue would be - they look so much alike!
You’d not confuse packrat with gunrat: in darktide the majority of gun specials are the same dude with different equip and you have to be within 5 metres to see the difference.

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For me personally the specials are good the way they are, I like them the way they are. What bothers me a lot more is the frequency at which normal enemies sometimes spawn, which is way too high. For example in this mission where you have to scan near this chaos tree, Holly Molly. A challenge is good, but that’s going a little too far, especially if you’re playing with low-level randoms. In the previous part of this map I also had a situation where I had about 20 gunners right in front of me, this is not normal anymore :-/

Also a problem not necessarily mentioned here is that they haven’t adjusted the special spawn rate. So the game is allowed to spawn 2+ trappers, as well as possibly a mutant ‘and’ a hound. Even in things like the boss room of an assassination.

What I find even more annoying about many of the specials is that they exploit the level design to be unable to be countered properly by doing things like spawning behind gates that aren’t open yet. or being behind ledges that you can’t target them through and then will just sit there and spam you with bombs or sniper shots while you are unable to properly target them back to kill them.

I did a Malice Poisoned Water Supply mission and when we got to the area with the Demonic Growths, 3 Snipers and 2 Bombers spawned behind the gate that only opens once you complete the area and would just keep running out of sight anytime you tried to target them then come back and snipe people in the back in the middle of horde waves.