Some feedback and general thoughts on Specials [Mutant/Hound Rework]

I think most of them are in a good spot, except for a few audio bugs. I do wish they had more fun interactions on how to kill them. Their attacks should also interact with the other enemies, hurt them, kill them, knock them around etc etc. Will go more into that on each specific special. One thing I wish would change is the way they use doors. Often is the case they do their attack and then run back into a door to hide and I think they should be denied access to doors once they have gone out. EXCEPT for when they need a door to get to you, like moving up floors or coming from one area to another etc etc.
We all know of this bomber who just peaks out, throw a nade then run back in. Speaking of…


Probably my most disliked Special in the game atm. Which is odd to say because I like the idea of it. I think the problem is that the bomber is TOO SMART at certain times. There’s plenty of places in maps where you have one small hallway or door to go through and if you have 1 bomber who spawns out of view, below something and start lobbing grenades they can deny this area of access before you even get a chance to go through. They pre-throw stuff on the doors while you are opening the door… Add the fact that their cooldown of throwing a grenade is very similar to the duration of their area of denial it becomes a frustrating situation where you either have to go back quite a bit to lure the Bomber closer to you, walk through the fire or hope the bombers pathing decides to walk in view of you. Add 2 bombers to this and you basically have permanent fire on the ground. I don’t think it’s OP by any means, the fire itself is kind of weak, but it’s just frustrating more than difficult.

Increasing the cooldown of their throw will obviously help with this except for when they take turns in their throws. But personally I would just get rid of the fire and turn their grenade into moderate explosion damage with a knock back, maybe that’s too similar to poxburster though. I think the fire is what’s causing the non-fun thing. Even when it becomes a threat and you can’t move out of it, it’s a very slow tedious way to go out.

Fun interaction: Let us be able to shoot the grenade in his hand or in air to make it explode. maybe even have melee blunt weapons be able to knock them back. Imagine a grenade coming towards you and take out your hammer or maul, maybe even any melee weapon, and you can swing it into another group of enemies instead. I think you have to be very accurate with hitting the nade with your crosshair though.


Honestly don’t have much to say about this one except it’s buggy. We all know about the silent bursters jumping through doors out of the blue. But also with pushing them it seems odd. you should be able to push them and move backwards, but sometimes they explode to quick and sometimes they get to stand up and be still for a second and then they explode seemingly randomly.
Other than that, they do their job.
I think maybe reduce the damage a bit and maybe give them a corrosive effect, a small debuff that makes you take more damage for some time.

Fun Interaction: Explosion should affect enemies, elites and specials with quite a big knockback. Imagine killing one on a bridge and you seem weak enemies and even some ragers just flying off to the sides. The above increased damage effect should affect enemies too. Allowing for some good pox burster kills and positioning to help take down bosses.


I think these are the ones that are probably in the best spot. Not much to say about them.

Fun interaction: let us blow up the tank for a nice explosion that damages and gives an area of fire that hurt enemies. Just a slight stagger not enough to make enemies fly. Their attacks should burn enemies too.


Same here, don’t have much to say except some bugfixes. There’s plenty of times where they shoot almost instantly when they see you which is frustrating. I think a “coming into map” sound would be good for them to make it consistent and you know you should be aware of the above.

Fun interaction: Can’t think of much here except their shots should just slice through enemies even damaging elites and other specials, but maybe not kill them except if they are low. Have the same effect as when you kill chaff with your bolter, just a fountain of blood. Just imagine seeing your friend with a horde on them just get hit and you see this streak of gibs flying and just huge amount of blood going up in the air.


Not much I want to change on her. Appropriate difficulty in dodging it, as in easy when it’s just you, but still kind of tough when you are busy in hordes or other threats. The tell is clear and their role is well defined.
Fun Interaction: Would be kind of funny if, when you dodge a net, it could trap an enemy.


I put them in the same section because they work similarly and serve the same purpose. Chase down a target and pin them. I want to rework the hound almost completely. It might be too much I know that. But I’m thinking they run up and grab you by the leg and drags you off towards an area with enemies, maybe even a daemonhost. This should also be a timed thing so they can’t run through the entire map until they meet some enemies. Get up animation when the drag is done should take some time so enemies can hit you. I think they will work as more of disruption special and making you split up or split up even more than you currently are. Have them stand there and bark at you for a bit after the pull so you can have some time to kill them so it won’t turn into a cycle thing. Or make it target a new player afterwards.

Muties will work kinda like they already do and as well as the hound but being better at it. We all know the god awful cycle charging. Throwing you, sometimes a short distance and while you get your bearings from moving from 3rd to 1st person he could already be charging at you again. He’s easily cheesed because you can stand at walls and he keeps just throwing you for no damage. Then we have the insta turn problems with his run and such. I don’t think he works at all. So I would change him into working more like the hound. Run towards the group at a quick pace, but slower than his charge speed. As soon as he sees someone he goes into charge mode. This mode won’t be able to turn as much and thus be easier to dodge. But to counteract this, when he grabs you he does what he does to the Ogryn. Just sit ontop and pummel you. You WILL need your teammates to get him off. There’s no cycle charging, there’s no buggy walls, just simple ground and pound. If we don’t want them to pin you forever without a teammate you can have the player kick them off after X amount of time. Though this can lead to cycle charging, which I want to avoid. They might need an INCREASE in HP because of this.

I know these changes are probably too much, but I think this will make them more distinct from each other. Hounds will provide a new role and hopefully the buggy nature of the Mutie will be diminished if not gone and have the purpose hold hound have, which is pinning people down.

Fun Interaction: Mutie already knocks enemies around. And I have honestly no idea what to do with the Hound. Sorry :frowning: