Spawns and AI director seems bugged on Heresy sometimes

Just finished this mission on Heresy, supposedly with no modifiers:

It was a real slog. Proof in hand:

It’s not like we took our sweet time ; normally, a normal Heresy mission takes me between 25 and 30 minutes.
But this time, enemies just trickled in NON-STOP. It wasn’t a full horde, but it was constant. Always a door opening somewhere, or mobs falling from the ceiling. There was zero down time, except during the end event.

This can’t be normal.

Yeah, it’s been reported many times that it bugs out / goes to high intensity or even above on missions without modifier. We were told this wasn’t a bug, just a UI bug (showing high intensity when it wasn’t high intensity), so they removed the text staying it was high intensity… and didn’t actually fix the actual, real bug.

Well, if we point it out enough times, maybe they’ll consider fixing the AI director…

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