Sound is still muted when inventory or other menus are open (new info)

This change was never mentioned in any patch notes so I’m pretty sure it was a bug. All sound gets cut off and you can no longer hear party dialogue and other voices. It kind of ruins the immersion a bit and it also makes it impossible for people to hear Lohner’s “hurry up everyone is ready” reminders.

Which platform are you on? I don’t seem to be able to reproduce this at all D:

EDIT: See next post

Actually the bug is back. I did some testing and I think I managed to narrow down a possible cause. It happens when:

  1. I am in someone else’s lobby
  2. The lobby is active (there is a game waiting to start)
  3. The shadow gate is active and the bubble or illusion circle is visible.

If you then open up the inventory or any other menu the sound should be almost completely muted, cut down to 1-5% volume. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the three causes listed above, or maybe a combination of the three because I had the bug happen twice tonight under those circumstances.

I always assumed this was on purpose? I even purposely open my inventory window to cut down on noise in-between games.

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It would be a shame if this got removed. Is so nice that i’m able to mute the banter that i heard a million times. Especially if i’m trying to talk to friend on Discord.


Personally I find it immersion breaking when I hear characters talk and then sound cuts out when I open my inventory to switch talents or something.

Ideally they could turn this from a bug into a feature and let you decide which behaviour you want, right now it’s inconsistent. If you want sound to be muted while the inventory is open that’s totally fine, but it should apply consistently all the time instead of under specific circumstances. Maybe add that as an option to the sound menu.

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More details. It seems like this can only happen when you are in a party, or possibly only when off-host in a party. It only affects the inter-party dialogue, but not lohner as I can still hear him when this bug is active.

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