SotT 'Repel' suggestion

Having played with SotT for a fair bit now, I’ve been trying out the Repel talent and have found it to be quite fun to play with, however I have not found anyone else to find it as competitive as Doomsight.

I have to agree with them that 3 guaranteed crits whenever anyone uses an Ult makes a considerable difference in power for a player, such that Repel gets put aside. That said, I’m not here to suggest any changes to Doomsight. Instead, I would like to suggest one (or some) of the following changes be made to Repel to add some value to it:

  • Allow opportunist and power vs. trait and properties to stack with the effect of Repel. (From playing with it so far, I have not felt any noticeable effect, and assume that the repelling push is not treated as an extension of the normal push as it needs not to make any physical contact with enemies to push them back)

  • Add an aura of 60% bonus stamina regeneration for 2 seconds after pushing to nearby allies alongside current effect. (On push dependent to separate this from Handmaiden, and make it unique to the identity of the talent).

  • Guarantee the push effect will stagger all mansized enemies/ Repel adds 2 stacks of stagger on to any man sized enemy within its area of effect. (This would be more effective at higher difficulties).

  • Reduce push cost by 50%. (Not much of a competitive change here, I can’t really see it alone making Doomsight users turn their head).

  • Grant allies 10% damage reduction for 3 seconds when pushing a max stamina alongside 100% more push force and range. (This would lean into her support role moreso. I’d like to suggest more damage reduction, but seeing as though it is an ability one can use very frequently, 10% may be reasonable)

  • Grant allies 10% attack speed for 3 seconds after pushing at max stamina. (A similar team-oriented addition to the current Repel, yet alongside WHC and Merc attack speed buffs, this may be one too many).

  • Alongside the current effects of Repel, increase allies max HP by 2% after pushing at max stamina (Stacks up to 10 times, lose a stack whenever SotT takes damage). (A kind of reverse Pale Queen’s Choosing, focused on allies health that I feel her temp health perk deserved but was lacking. Also keeping Zealot players happy).

I think I’ll leave it for there, for now, but hopefully this will get a healthy discussion going around the talent, and perhaps supportive changes that can be made to nudge her into a better team oriented role.


  • (Assuming Kuli is correct) Push strength is no longer divided among affected enemies.

I’m surprised opportunist doesn’t stack with repel. It should! I have a very hard time knowing whether a push will stagger someone regardless.

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It might do, but I need to do some more testing on that front. I’m just assuming at this point that because you don’t neccessarily make physical contact with what you are pushing, and typically opportunist is used when in such contact, its effectiveness is dependent on doing so.

Noteworthy: Repel’s push strength is divided by the amount of enemies pushed which renders it basically useless against hordes.

Does it? I’ve found it to be useful against hordes, as I send a good wave backwards. How did you come to conclude that it is divided among enemies?

Two Repel pushes in this clip, pay attention to the inconsistency of how many of the marauders are put into heavy stagger:

  • first push, lots of mobs in nearby slots (no heavy stagger on marauders)
  • second push, less mobs in nearby slots (heavy stagger on marauders).

EDIT: This is with Opportunist FWIW.


Nah it was just because your push triggered twice.
It happens from time to time and can be abused with stagger THP

Ah, so another buggy talent, nice. At least it’s the good kind of buggy.

It happens without the talent and has been an issue for a long time
pushes triggering twice and just flooring enemies
it’s just more abusable with Repel due to the increased push range


It’s not a bug. Enemies have their heavy stagger threshold doubled when first pushed. Opportunist will increase the stagger power as normal. Repel is a fine talent as is, I wouldn’t compare it to doomsight which large consensus agrees is overtuned.

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Repel is really good as it gives repeated mass pushes for nearby allies to take advantage of at the expense of being wary of stamina use.

Doomsight is stupidly broken and ill thought out much like her 2nd ult talent after using Radiance which is still the most powerful talent in that tier. If you play with Outcast Engineer you pretty much have infinite crits.

Initially I thought Doomsight only applied to her own ult which kinda makes sense since you effectively have 2 charges with up to 3. Working on everyone’s ult with it’s scaling up to like what… 7 hits? Just ridiculous.

No idea who thought SotT’s talent roll out coincides well with the idea of a “Support” class but then again we have Ranger Veteran getting massive damage on ult use deleting bosses or patrols lol.

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