SOT staff sugestion

Sister of thorn current staff is a bliss to use, you basically become a disabler yourself and incapacitate things you currently cannot kill.
Lift them, mark them, ask your team to deal with it.
The idea of a staff that makes you not only useful to your team but goes beyond just an uncreative “kill everything” kind of item is very pleasing.

I would like to sugest a staff that takes a little skill from the user and group coordination for its functions to be properly used, i have no idea if this is lore friendly or even doable given the engine/manpower limitations or even interest (since you guys have ideas of your own on the works) but screw it, here it is:

Imagine a staff that doesn’t kill the target but instead plant a seed inside of it, worse yet, instead of ammunition, it uses 5 hp (thp if you have it), shes a plant woman with healing buffs, she can tank it.
IF the projectile is released before charging, the (1)target is poisoned
IF the projectile is charged properly (visual audio cue required) the seed will be planted
IF the projectile is charged beyond the proper planting, several targets get poisoned (similar to a hagbane charged shot) but it consumes 20hp.
IF the projectile is charged way too much she explodes in a cloud of poison but 100% hp is consumed.
A nice risk reward right system there, if you gonna use it you gotta be awake and aware, you cannot just click to win and call it a day, thats how forgettable games are made.

Now for the enemies with seeds in them, a visual cue is needed to display the grouth and the group must NOT kill the target before it develops or else nothing happens, i would sugest using the thorns from the winds of magic life wind, make the enemy start to turn green and these thorns come out of them gradually, when the thorns are fully grown out of its body then its good to go.
The whole thing should take 3 up to 5 seconds (random so you re never confortable) and depending on HOW you kill the target you get different results (so you can communicate to the team based on what do they need at the moment)

A fully thorned rat killed by melee gives 15thp to its killer (scales up depending on the target).
A fully thorned rat killed by fire turns into a fire bomb (similar effect to a fully charged conflagration staff)
A fully thorned rat killed by (non fire) ranged turns into a poison bomb (similar to the charged hagbane shot)

The seed does not work on bosses.

Regardless if you use this or not, what a great game, keep up the good work!

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I don’t think Kerillian will get any other Magic Staff, there aren’t any weapon that have been added that have been restricted to 1 career only (And even in those, there is only the Twin Axe (Core), Bret. Sword/Shield or 2h Sword (Premium Career, Can’t remember which) and lore wise there isn’t really any reason, and the SoT Staff (Premium Career) you talked about

Agreed, it’s original.

I’d like the deepwood staff’s special to be a projectile instead of a point and click ability.

I don’t know which 2h sword you’re talking about, but there is also the elf’s repeater crossbow (not that it matters that much, your point is valid : I doubt they’ll add content for one class only.)

I disagree.

There’s also spear and shield handmaiden exclusive which was added with WoM I think? So they are clearly not opposed to 1 career weapons.

I don’t think they would do something like this for a premium career though (aside from weapons the career already shipped with).

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