Something needs to be done about people joining at the end of losing games

Every time I get a losing game, where for whatever reason my team all dies, one or more people instantly leave to find other games, and as the game is trying to wind down and end, someone always ends up joining and extending the losing screen, by upwards of 3-10 minutes. This cycle can almost continue indefinitely, until the host has to quit out of the game entirely.

In fact, it took the entirety of one of these extended losing screens to make this post. I’m literally sitting in a failed game of Skittergate, that WILL NOT END as I’m writing this. This is not ok, Fatshark.

Example of people joining and leaving a dead game

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make it private?

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Yeah lets ignore a problem and use a workaround that isn’t practical in many cases.

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a solution would be that once every player in the current game is dead, the game instanlty gets locked out of drawing players, that search for games

I would settle for the ability to quit the game at any time instead of having to wait through the XP screen first. If this game is a dud just let me find another.

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