Solved my performance issue by doubling my RAM (+15-30 fps avg)

Fatshark, there might be something wrong with the way the game handles RAM causing significant performance issues for some. Like some others, I was have having just horrible performance in-game, most of the time below 60fps and down to the 40s and 30s in some areas. I knew something was wrong because playing on Low vs all maxed (without ray tracing) made little to no difference to my FPS. I know my CPU is not top of the line, but surely I couldn’t be that CPU-limited, especially at 1440p.

So I happened to be sitting on 2 extra sticks of RAM that I decided to install and voila! I instantly gained about 15-30 fps average and this is despite having run the 4 sticks at a lower clock speed for stability. Is it the extra 16gb that helped or the extra 2 sticks themselves, I don’t know, but the difference is night and day for me. The game literally runs better for me now with ray tracing ON than it did with it OFF before.

I hope this perhaps helps others or gives Fatshark a clue as to what might be going on for some. I know 16gb is the recommended amount of RAM for the game, but I would regularly hit 14-15GB total memory usage while playing the game (with Chrome closed). Perhaps this is the issue? Is the game perhaps trying to use more memory than it should on some system configuration and thus choking the whole system?

Steam/Windows 11

**PC Specifications: **
Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite (latest BIOS)
AMD Ryzen 3700x
Rtx 2080 (latest drivers)
32GB DDR4 3333Mhz (previously 16GB 3600Mhz)

I’ve got 32gb 3200mhz still bad performance on low/med settings with dlss on balanced no rtx on 3080/5600x

Going from 3333 to 3600 may have helped more than the extra 16 GB. I noticed a decent bump going from 3200 to 3600 a few months ago when I was playing Ark.

DT seems to fit nicely into 16 GB, I don’t recall seeing it ever go above 10 GB. However the additional 16 GB would be used by the OS as cache which may have also helped.

you don’t need more than 16 gb of ram for gaming

You don’t ‘need’ more than 16, but it sure helps.

no, more ram the game does not use does not help, same with more cpu cores the game does not use

I actually went from 3600 to 3333 here. It shouldn’t have helped, but somehow the game runs way better now.

Fact of the matter is, the optimization is terrible and being forced to play on 1 worker thread to avoid crashes makes it that much worse.

Playing on an RTX 3080 & AMD 3800x and dropping lower than 60fps with raytracing off & DLSS performance mode is laughable.

Especially when compared to the performance we get in other games such as Cyberpunk and Spider-man, where DLSS set to quality and raytracing turned on can easily net you a stable 60+fps.


60 fps is not even a good frame rate and it should not be used as a standard for pc games
90-120 fps is actually good, so you should turn down your graphics settings until you get at least that

More memory means the OS can cache more files on disk. Even if the game unloads assets from a file, if there’s enough memory the OS keeps it cached. Next time the game wants to load it from disk it gets loaded from the cache instead. It’s really that simple. It’s not going to give you massive gains, but it will reduce hitching when assets get loaded in (the second time).

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I never had a need more than 16GB either for gaming. Somehow though, this move massively increased performance in Darktide. There’s something odd going on here and it doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone the same.

16 is quickly becoming the unlisted minimum for many games these days.
If you can go 32 on the ~cheap, do so.

It’s probably not the amount of ram, but the amount of ranks on the memory. 4 sticks of single rank vs 2, since you likely didn’t have 2 sticks of double rank before.
Ryzen CPUs love that stuff!