Social Menu

This game is a 4 player multiplayer game.

Friend-list is very importand for such a game.

When i find people that fits good in my own playstyle i will add them to my friends list

what should i say :slight_smile: its impossible here. even in last mission in social most of the people “vanish” and never show up… your social menu (even there is no world chat where i can find people, even there is no whisper in chat to find someone that i have had in game) It looks more like you dont want that people talk to each other…?

this is not a small issue… its something im not allowed to write here down…

PC have a keyboard, PC have so much more than Consoles… its normal way that this days more and more goes to console games. every big title goes consol game (word that not allowed here).

please think very small in mind and delet all keyboard stuff, its complete useless at all.