Small freezes

Ever since a few days ago (I don’t think there was any update), i have been getting small freezes during gameplay, it doesn’t matter whether i host or not (but when i host its noticeable for other players too e.g. the enemies aren’t in the place they are supposed to be). I have tried reinstalling the whole game, changing every setting down to minimum, reinstalling .net framework, every display option (borderless, windowed, full), changed the threads from 9 down to 8 and 7, vsync on and off, changed the max stacking frames, verify game files several times, update and roll back my Nvidia driver… I really can’t think of anything else to do. I don’t use any mods and I don’t have this issue in any other game.

GTX 1070 Ti
16 GB of RAM

I have monitored these with Open Hardware Monitor, Taskmanager and Afterburner. Nothing maxes out, nothing ever overheats. I couldn’t find any recent post with anyone having the same issue as me, so i doubt it’s a patch thing.
Any help would be really useful :heart:

For anyone who has the same problem, i fixed mine after disabling “razer chroma” under “misc” settings :heart:

Good to know! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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