Slaying lords on legend challenge for BTU weapon illusions

I’ve been progressing on the challenge ‘Ambidextrous Judgement’ to unlock the final axe and falchion illusion. I’d finished ‘Into The Nest’, ‘Skittergate’ and ‘War Camp’ on legend already, only ‘Halescourge’ is missing. Just a while ago I completed ‘Halescourge’ on cataclysm difficulty and to my surprise the challenge wasn’t completed.

I understand the challenge requires the missions to be finished on legend difficulty, but in my opinion it should be “legend or above” for obvious reasons.

Just to avoid obvious questions, I was indeed using axe and falchion with my zealot when doing the missions. All 3 done on legend is ticked in the challenge, except ‘Halescourge’. The mission was finished, I got the vault and it’s ticked off in the ‘Helmgart missions in cataclysm’ challenge, but not in ‘Ambidextrous Judgement’.


So far, Cataclysm doesn’t count for -any- challenge that requires legend, and it’s something I hope gets changed soon. This includes helmgart challenges like Powder Monkey and so on.
I’d be miffed if it didn’t count for the 100 matches in champion or above, either. Or for ‘complete all helmgart maps in legend’ progress.
Not saying it does count, but I haven’t confirmed it and I’d hate it if that was the case.

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