Slayer vs Zealot, an obvious winner

Slayer don’t need to have low hp to work you forgot that

No. But unless you’re playing at the 0.1% you’re going to get hit at some point in that level. You can take 2 entire hits and healing is sparse. If you take 1 hit you can’t take risks anymore, you’re dismantled. Meanwhile Zealot can take as many hits as he has passive and has up to 3 or 4 depending on where those hits come from and if he has barkskin. While also being able to generate a metric load by either a single elite or through ambients.

It’s no contest

i see you are a man of the empire as well

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Youʻll take a similar damage, less tanky, no range weapon version of the same class any day? Damn.

On a side note, if yourʻe going to say something like X class is useless in a good team, itʻsa good idea to explain why. You shouldnʻt expect the average person to take your word for it.

Iʻll give an example. In a good team players would let Zealot heal up to full on easy elite kills once he reaches 6 stacks. Merc Kruber (basically in every highly skilled team) will similarly, heal him for around 50 temp health with ult if there are no elites and a tough boss or horde comes. Zealot with 6 stacks can 2 shot specials with hip-fire brace of pistols, which are fairy accurate, easy to use, and have no fall-off range (no arc).

Zealot also doesnʻt use healing and doesnʻt need it; 180 total HP, 90% increased temp health (or 30% reduced damage) and 2 abilities that make him immune to death for a period of time. Very strong when you aggro a patrol in the middle of a horde, or get surrounded with armor. Slayer on the other hand will consume health like crazy, do less damage to bosses than shade, bounty hunter, or zealot, and be unable to reliably deal with specials (unreliable damage windows, unreliable ranged weapon).

If one gor hit takes out 60 HP, that means 120 HP slayer is in 1 shot territory after being hit. This means he has to play safe, something slayer doesnʻt exactly do well at. Unless youʻre really good and host, playing slayer is a risk not an aid to the team.


At least people on this forum have some sense and actually agree with my thoughts on Slayer.

Morons on Reddit seriously think that Slayer is in a good spot because they say that Q-canceling with the 2 handed hammer is a good method for killing Elites. And apparently this is one of the only good methods for playing him.


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Godless Dwarf! Says a chaos warrior

Jokes aside, I think the talents for slayer are currently redundant for level 10 (correct me if I’m wrong on the level, I’m writing this from memory)

The talents where he gets a boost for using 2 two-handed or 2 one-handed, these can be consolidated into a single talent and the empty slot resulting can have something unique.
The new talent would read: Bardin gains X Buff for using 2 of the same weapon type in both slots (2H/2H or 1H/1H)

Overall I think Slayer should gain a passive that gives him a decent damage boost (whether it’s static or dependent on a situation eg. X% of damage boost based on X amount of nearby enemies)

Not exactly a fix to his overall problems, but I think this would make for a good start imo.

What? Current brace of pistols, post nerf, does laughable boss damage. With str pot everything works. But without? Oh man.
On zealot try x-bow, on legend it 1-shots Stormvermin on bodyshot and you get that without going vs Skaven.
Anyway, BOP was mighty in 1.6, nowadays? Nothing special.


Still BoPs delete bosses

My only beef with your post is that it should be titled “an obvious winner.” Zealot’s THP regen makes him outclass a lot of characters. However, Slayer is exceptionally weak compared to many other careers. In fact, I would say Bardin as a whole took a pretty big hit in the current iteration of the game. RV feels underwhelming and he lost quite a bit of utility with the nerf to the drop rate on pots. IB is where it’s always been.

I’d disagree with that sentiment. RV is in the best spot it’s been and he’s gotten tankier with his talent selection while IB gets the absolute bonkers ability to dislodge specials from himself. Nobody else gets that.

He also has less damage output with the nerf to Grudge. I think RV is one of the weaker classes and especially weaker than the other ranged characters. I.e. BH w/ xbow is far superior to xbow RV. Bluntsman > Grudge Bardin. Grudge RV can still be decent if your teammates leave the ammo alone, but that never happens lol.

Grudge being worse effects both IB and RV. Xbow was buffed, which makes it better on RV who gets insane amounts of reload speed with it. GIven it’s slower rate of fire, reduced range, nerfed bash, weaker armor presence even under your ult, and ammo problems, I wouldn’t take Grudge on anything right now

Elsewhile crossbow synergizes with two talents.

  1. Per shot we get career skill cooldown due to Master of Improvisation
  2. We get faster shots due to both our passive, Faster Hands and Firing Fury

The only problem here is that it’s the only weapon to do so. But that’s never been anything new with RV. Well. There’s also the fact that the other ranged centric careers get unlimited ammo now, but that’s a problem for another day.

Secondly if you’re having problems getting your own pouches, take share and share alike. It’s a selfish as hell skill that exists for that exact reason. Even if I admit that it’s sort of a waste of a slot.


Yeah the problem with that talent is that you still won’t get enough ammo. If you want enough ammo for grudge you need almost all of the ammo drops and you need them at 30% per drop. The reload speed talent on Xbow is mediocre imo. Xbow is good at killing elites and specials. How often do you really cleave through targets before killing either? Even with that talent, shooting an Xbow into a horde is pretty much feckless.

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it’s not ONLY good at killing Elite and Specials. And in it’s horde control sits a talent that let’s it perform quite adequately into chokepoints as well as gaining the uniquely powerful ability to kill disablers in the middle of a brawl.

Feckless? I doubt that

RV does have problems. But they’re all in the talents. And I’ll do us the favor of going through all of them in a post later. His talents are mostly awful and boring. Especially compared against his peers. And he’s STILL the only career without refresh. His passives are adequate but Improvisation remains useless unless you take the corresponding equipment traits. So keep an eye out for that later

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I’ll be interested to see your take on it.

Well, I shot chaos spawn 30 times and it didn’t even feel like it made that much of a difference, end round monster damage also was bad. Yes, didn’t use str potion. But pre 2.0 30 shots would translate into a ton of dmg. Now? Maybe 600, unless you’re hitting headshots on that spawn non-stop Compared to xbow, it’s not really impressive.
X-bow in the hands of Bounty Hunter - now we’re talking boss removal.

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You know you can stack damage buffs? Shrapnell whc tag, ult, crit bonus (hunter i think?), or even str pot its quite a lot of damage and if you hit it with swift slaying those 12 shoots go with like 2-3 seconds. BoP’s are mostly burst damage and you dont need to hit heads to make it go fast.

Oh well, yeah, with team help etc. Etc. you can. But in such conditions you will take down boss in no time, no matter the weapon. In not optimal conditions the current pistol damage vs bosses is laughable, and playing Zealot with 5 stacks I unloaded all my ammo and it didn’t really make a big difference. Most of the time I don’t use all available resources vs bosses anyway, when I can just kite them and shoot them. But with BOP it seems like all-or-nothing deal. Either deliver 12 good shots (and then the potion and your ult run out) or spray that boss without doing much. With X-bow you can just shoot whenever opportunity arises, land headshots and enjoy 1-shotting specials as Zealot or BH. Overal WHC is the last guy who can truely make pistols work, but only under certain conditions. Pre patch pistols were OP vs bosses, but nowadays…

I think 20% more monster damage and they would be just fine.

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you know bops have 99 dodge count ?You can dodge all bosses attacks, and they shouldn’t melt bosses like they still do