Slayer tier 3 talent "Unstoppable" should be renamed Slayer has two talents with basically the same name. One on row 3 and another on row 5, Unstoppable! and Unstoppable respectively.

I’d like to suggest changing the “Unstoppable!” talent on row 3 to something else, as the Unstoppable name works better on his unstoppable attacks for the duration of leap. and also changing the row 5 talent to Unstoppable! with an !. (Maybe change No Escape on the same tier to be No Escape! to make them all match?)

I’d suggest “Grudge-Borne” or something similar to that, standing for bardin increasing the duration because he has grudges against the skaven/chaos as there are no slayer talents that even mention grudges which is a HUGE shame.


You know: I’ve stared at that talent tree for ~3 hours since their balance update and I still never noticed that they had the same name.

I agree that Bardin should have something more to line-up with the Dwarven books of grudges other than just his grudge-raker. A talent would be a great place to start!

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