Skull Sworn portrait frame for WoM beta testers not yet received

On the stream yesterday I think it was. They said the portrait would show up in a couple weeks.

Wait a couple of weeks to roll out a bunch of portraits? And here I was going to ask when the music will be added to the collectors edition…



Still waiting for the Quiet Drink bar music to be added.

Not a huge deal really, but it’s kind of strange it would take weeks to add a portrait frame to be honest.


To be honest im kinda regretting upgrading to the collectors edition since i mainly did if for the music, I mean how hard is it to just upload some mp3 files …

Bruh the real reason to buy the Collector’s Edition is for the sick nasty Sigmar Statue.

That one slaps.



looks at own name
Meh I think Ill pass on that

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Same for me too… C’mon Fatshark what is going on?

lol, couple weeks…

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I never received the email or frame

How am I supposed to flex on my friends for being in the beta if I don’t have a frame :’(

Participation in the beta felt more like an exercise in redundancy rather than something worth bragging about if I’m being real with you chief.

. . . . . . . . . . bruh

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This is only for the beta that took place in June - July. Not for the one that just ended. If you did indeed beta test during the closed/internal test then shoot Hedge a message. I’m sure he can sort it out for you when he gets time.


was literally in the closed beta for a month but ok I don’t mind trying to prove I was in there

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You had forum access to the beta section? If so, check the email associated with this forum account. It’s sent to different places. I got in the “promotions” tab on Gmail. Other people had to check the Spam folder and so on.

EDIT: It would have been sent around 10th July. With the title being, “Here’s your exclusive Portrait Frame! :gift:”.

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I’ve had one in my promotions gmail folder saying “clarification concerning the Beta Portrait frame” on 5th August.

From the email

How do I know if I am eligible for Skull sworn ?

If you logged in and played during any of the two betas you will be rewarded with the exclusive portrait frame.

When do I get it?

At the release of Winds of Magic you will find Skull Sworn in your inventory, if you logged in and played the beta.

[edit] no frame currently.

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Hey guys,

Participants of beta 1 and 2 (not the pre-release beta) are eligible for the Skull-Sworn portrait frame. Right now it appears they haven’t gone out to these players as planned. We’re aware of the issue and are looking to fix it sometime today.



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