Skittergate - Gun Does Not Show as Reloaded

Emptied my gun, picked up the ammo that is (sometimes?) lying around, but gun did not show as having been reloaded. Tried shooting, it sounded different, dunno if it was actually shooting at, or had any effect, on Deathrattler. I was distracted by the bug, so got knocked down after only a couple of shots.

Hi @sebelas,

Thanks for the report!

Could you please also provide your console log from the session this occurred so we can takea look?

These are the 2 console logs for that day before the time of the captured image file:

console-2023-04-12-02.07.47-fea96ab7-1b04-45c6-8500-90132eef0db4.log (5.9 MB)

console-2023-04-12-04.23.16-401b7d56-3bf9-462e-b7c9-22276b7f74c5.log (2.9 MB)

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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