Skeleton Suggestion: Follow teammate

I’ve really been enjoying Necromancer and the gameplay opportunities that open up with ordering the skeletons around. However there’s one use case that’s rather difficult to fulfill, and that’s using them to provide any kind of persistent defense of teammates.

There have been plenty of situations that I’ve been in where a teammate enters a bit of hot water since they’re a bit out of position. I’d love to help them myself but for the sake of the example I’m occupied with pressing matters. It would be amazing if you could just click on a teammate and have the skeletons perform their follow routine but centered around that teammate instead of you. That could help give that teammate a bit of extra protection against sneaky backstabbers or disablers. Attack and guard commands don’t quite give this desired bodyguard functionality. Attack commands often results in the skeletons rubber-banding back to you once the target is defeated, which isn’t ideal since you wanted to protect the teammate. Guard orders can often quickly become out of date if the teammate is forced to move around since the skeletons will prioritize defending that location instead of keeping pace with the teammate.

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I’ve been in situations like this rather often, yeah, it’d be a neat feature. The question is, what kind of input would it use? Without hampering the existing Attack & Defend command.

Maybe Weapon Special? It’s already a ‘stop attacking and come back’ command, but you only need to tap it to do that. Maybe holding weapon special and then clicking on ally can make the skellies follow that ally, but only tapping weapon special makes the skellies follow you (Similar to how holding M2 and then clicking on the ground makes them defend a spot, but only tapping M2 cancels the defend command)

The simplest approach is for the input to simply be the “attack” command, except you click on a teammate. I suppose weapon special could be an option if you want to remove ambiguity in the event that enemy and allied silhouettes overlap.