Sire Milk should have a bank for us to take loans/payment plans

so we can afford things that we cant afford. maybe a lil interest on top next week when we can


True, should the spending with Melk revolve around “should I hold out or buy the obvious upgrade that I could find use for?”

To owe him 3000, and have to pay that back before buying anything else could be an option.

It’s certainly not a bad idea, but something about it just seems hilarious to me. Adding an ATM machine into the casino. Although it would fit Melk being a pretentious a hole though.


Better having to pay before being able to use the item.

He could allow you to “lock” one item from his daily inventory, which is then set aside and kept in a separate tab until you pay for it.
Either with, or without you keeping access to the daily inventory for the meantime.


Sounds like a good solution.

Darktide day 42,069:

quickflame 4 jus appeared in my shop and i am 400 short. if only… :frowning_face:

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You’ll just be always in debt and have the same problem. I like @Flawless idea though, locking 1 item in melk’s shop would be a great change.

Currently is a good idea to always have 3k+ currency, and only go below it when you want to buy that one super rare stuff you are looking for (bloodthirsty, power cycler etc.).


I’d rather they just implemented daily quests as well, so we might be able to get extra 400-500 ish credits per day.

Milk for the Milk God.