Sire Melk's Requisitorium Limited Time Acquisitions Timer not accurate

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Issue Description: Last night I stayed up late to grind out my daily missions in order to buy a heavy buzzsword. I had 12 out of 15 missions done when I went to see if I could go to sleep and still complete the missions before the shop switched over. At the time, I had about 9 hours left but when I checked the shop it suddenly had several different weapons and the buzzsword was no longer available. I felt a little defeated when I saw this as I was grinding balls to the wall for it since I’ve been stuck with a white rarity assault buzzsword for some time now. As it turns out, the shop has refreshed yet again and since I’d already used some of my credits, I can not afford the new buzzsword on offer. What seems to be the problem is that the shop show’s there’s 6 hours left but the weapons cycle on a shorter time span so expectations for certain goals are quickly dashed.

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  1. Check the Requisitorium to see limited time stock
  2. Let a couple hours pass
  3. Check back at the Requisitorium and take note of the changes. The timer below the shop still shows you’ve got several hours until the next shop roll and yet the inventory is completely different.

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[Steam/Microsoft Store] Steam

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[MM/DD/YYYY, 00:00AM/PM] [TIMEZONE] 11/20/22 @ ~0230 and again at 1620

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I’ll bump the post if/when the shop updates again so we can maybe get some timestamps for this roll that is misrepresented by the timer ingame.

EDIT (putting everything up here since I replied so much)

update: 1715 the shop has rotated again

With 35 minutes left to go at 1824 it’s refreshed yet again

So this is not from my initial posts timer, I believe the challenge timer and shop timer were parallel at the time since it was the last day of the week. But even now with the mission timer and shop timer being on different timeframes, the shop is still resetting at shorter intervals than advertised. I’ll take some screencaps today to demonstrate.

Dated 11/21/22 0953

In addition, the Armoury shows a timer of 3 minutes right now so I’ll check back at 1000 to see if the Requisitorium shop updates as well.

Armoury Exchange as of 1100 11/21/22

Requisitorium as of 1102 11/21/22

Not gonna belabor the point but it’s clearly on the same timer as the exchange.

And to Quickpaw’s earlier question: It’s not the mission timer

UPDATEIt’s updated again as of 1235 11/21/22


Is your system time correct on your PC? Your system time being off is known to cause weird errors in the Armory.

Yes. I have it set to automatically pull from online so it’s not that. I think it may be running on the same timer as the Armoury instead of running on the timer present in the Requisitorium.

Is that timer not the timer for the Contracts resetting, instead?

It very well could be Quickpaw, but then where do we see the shop refresh? I thought it was meant to be on a 24 hour time? Especially considering the promoted video on the discord states that the challenge shop runs on a 24 hour timer.

I am having the same issue. My Requisitorium is changing every hour instead of every 24. As much as I would like to use this to my advantage this is an excuse to have a character reset before launch.

Having this issue as well, can confirm. Mine resets every hour and is honestly frustrating.

I’m also suffering from this bug, which has annoyed me quite a bit, since I’ve missed out on the offers several times, for me the limited time acquisitions refreshes every hour, like the normal shop, while it says it’ll reset along with my weekly missions, so the timer is off in more than one way.

this is a preview from a few days ago, because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy

I found another bug along this line but when I went to go buy a thunder hammer from the shop it instead gave me a lasgun, what had happened was it changed the weapons while I was still in the shop without my knowing so instead of getting the weapon i wanted it gave me one at random.

No… it’s very clear that contracts are 6-7 days, and the timer at the bottom of Limited Acquisition is never more than 24 hours.

It’s frustrating seeing something I like, and before the timer even ticks down an hour I check back and sometimes it’s already rotated out.

So bump. And yes, my system time is accurate.

My shop resets daily, several of my friends have it reset hourly. Honestly, the hourly seems much more fair than waiting for the 4/50 chance or whatever of finding a staff each day. I’d rather wait days than months to get a class specific weapon.

Thanks for all the replies and input, folks. It looks like the devs are now aware of the situation. :slight_smile: