Sienna Pyromancer Ult in Blightstorm (Temp HP)

I was recently playing a game and a blightstorm not only threw me into itself three times in a row, but also when I used my ult for temp HP to survive did not give me temp HP. It makes it look like you cast it, gives you no temp HP, and then gives you back all of your concentration after you exit the storm. I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to cast an ult in a blightstorm, and it is a huge problem if you are trying to survive.

I am fairly sure that no one can act during a Blight-Stormers blight-storm. In a lot of ways it would be bad and really undermine the terror that is a blight-storm were someone able to act from inside it.

The act of preparing an active ability to be launched (for those actives that involve projectiles) require the user to raise a hand/weapon in order to use them (fairly instant, but if you hold the active-button down you will see the character ‘ready’ the shot). Not being able to raise them is important; otherwise Waystalker Kerillian/Pyromancer Sienna would be able to get herself out of 9/10 blight-storms that actually caught her. Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre would likely save himself from 3/10 given his lack of auto-tracking on his blast. Even so, their ability to “arm a weapon” during a blight-storm means that you could have any weapon out during a blight-storm and still have it function… I think that is, inherently, the exact opposite of a “disabling effect.”

As for the other active abilities: many abilities that include movement would cause horrific interactions were they usable during a blight-storm. Battle-Wizard Sienna would be able to instantly get out, most likely, but how would Slayer Bardin, Handmaiden Kerillian, Foot Knight Kruber, and Zealot Saltzpyre function? That would be a train-wreck of interactions and would suddenly buff anyone capable of actually escaping a blight-storm.

Were it implemented, I would foresee this as somewhat of a nightmare scenario of “exceptions to the rule” as opposed to “keeping everything constant so people know what to expect.” I would rather not see any disabling effect become anything less than a fully disabling effect. All IMHO, of course.

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