Should moebian 6th's spawns be tweaked to be more accurate to their established lore? Less number but more powerful?

I mean, we’ve all read the lore for them, the Moebian 6th is a very decorated and famed regiment of the Moebian domain, known for a lot of heroics and good service, etc…

MAYBE, Chaos does stuff to a person’s mind and mentality, but I mean, would being corrupted make them into ABSOLUTE FODDERS??

Now, do not get me wrong, I LOVE the way the game plays out, but this is more of a…theme-related topic.

Should Moebian 6th enemies spawn less, but stronger, but have extra damage, health and…AI of sort? Increase the amount of poxwalkers/groaners, the actual fodder enemies, in turn?

It’d be cool if a single Moebian las-gunman, would be tweaked to become as strong as let’s say…a Damnation Crusher/Mauler xD.

I dunno how that’d affect the gameplay as a whole, but I think it’d be neat if the Moebian 6th are tweaked to become more accurately represented, in accordance to their lore.