Should Brutal Momentum be Nerfed or Changed, and if so how?

What? Are you playing malice or something?

t4 talents are fairly uncommon on anything other than melk’s, and I don’t care enough to check melks’.

If it doesn’t drop on an emp’s gift, I don’t see it.

I’m just asking because you were talking about t1/t2. Damnation runs almost always give at least 1 t3 blessing.

Nah, I was following on from:

Like, with BM you can use the t1 ot t2 version since once it procs you’re taking a new head every swing. T4 blessings might as well not exist for me because the chances of me ever seeing any particular one are basically zero.

Give it a try if you have t3 randomly. Probably wouldn’t make much of a difference. It’s really fun.

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You’re acting like I’m screaming to nerf the axes into oblivion. I was asking if people think Brutal Momentum should be changed. Don’t you think its a bit weird that if I talk about changing ONE blessing, you act like the entire weapon is useless? Don’t you think that might mean it’s a little overtuned? (Definitely using a bit of hyperbole but you get the idea)

If I’m being honest, and as a lore nerd, it probably comes down to the frustration that if I want an effective melee weapon on Zealot I feel I’m just kinda pushed into using an axe (Don’t have power cycler yet). While I definitely love the feel of being a trench clearer with a shotty and an axe, I wish Chainsword or Chain-Axe were best in slot to give it a more “40k” feel.

I guess maybe it would be better to reevaluate the blessing after other weapons get buffed ig.

Also this is funny to me. Tactical Axes you might have a better argument for but with antax its just left clicking and dodging from my experience.


Okay, can we stop nerfing every fun and strong weapon, thanks? If you want balance changes then can you start with the 30+ weapons nobody uses and make them more appealing?

Besides, this is the same axe that was in VT2. Very few people used that axe then because it didn’t clear hordes fast enough, and almost everyone takes weapons that can clear hordes.


BM is currently available, and it does not trivialize everything.
If you think that it does trivialize everything, and want more of a challenge, why don‘t you just not use it then?
No need to nerf something just because you personally do not want to use it.
Are you dumb?


I don’t use it but the game is not fun when players have an unfair advantage. Do you really want me to bring the SoTT argument up again, I though we were beyond this after the flamer & power sword debacle.

Ah yes… the unfair advantage of using a normal melee weapon…

The what?

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The Sister of the Thorn, which plagued Vermintide for months before it was fixed, where an unbalanced asset could faceroll any content without any skill, removing the challenge for the rest of the team. This example has been brought up again and again, what cave did you live in the past six months mate?


Ok and how is this relevant to the current topic?

  • BM does not allow to faceroll any difficult content
  • BM does not remove challenge for the rest of the team

I just usually stay away from the „general discussion“ section, because it seems to be the most unhinged and unreasonable section of the forums.
I did not see this comparison being made in the „gameplay feedback“ section.

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And people say pro-nerf people don’t use hyperbole.


Again, how is this relevant to the current topic?
People like you are the reason why i usually stay away from this section.

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Because it’s a precedent to what happens when Fatshark fails to balance a tide game. We already know how that goes, because we’ve (not you obviously, but the rest of us) have already seen this.

Aside from personal attacks, making baseless claims, and comparing a weapon (that does not even overperform) to an apparently completely broken class, you have not really said anything.
I hope you are aware, that you have not added anything (aside from noise) to this discussion.

So i am going to stop trying to reason with you.
Have a good day.

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It has a base 15%, same as the knife. I prefer Ghost over Reassuringly Accurate as I’d rather not depend on RNG for toughness gain. It lets my Zealot just walk at packs of Reapers and/or Shooters. Why take a long flank route when I can just cosplay as a vet and walk through fire unscathed?

It does overperform a lot, try it yourself.

I might just do that. I’ve been looking for an excuse to put away my columbus.

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If you mean stupid attack chains that you would say “these weapons that requires skill”, please no…
I prefer brainless weapon, you can have your “skilled” weapons with the eviscerator… even if it is not a weapon that require skill, but just a weapon with stupid attack chains.