Shillings have disappeared and CTD when trying to buy something from store

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue I just encountered (I couldn’t find any posts about it online).

Basically, I went on the cosmetic shop today to see about using up some of my 1200 shillings or so. I went to make a purchase on a hat, and I got an error message pop up saying there was an issue on the game’s backend, only giving me the option to quit the game. The transaction appeared not to have completed.

So, I reload the game and find a new issue. When I access the store now, my shilling count in the top right corner now just shows a dash ( - ) rather than a number. What’s more, if I click on an item in the shop now I get an instant Crash To Desktop. I tried verifying the integrity of game cache through Steam and it didn’t do anything. Playing a match is possible, but the issue with the store persists.

Has anyone else experienced this before? If so, how did you resolve it? Thanks in advance to anyone who read this far. Included below is the error I get on CTD.

GUID: eea9f8d9-3819-41bb-9c7d-76ab78cb1354
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/ui/views/hero_view/states/hero_view_state_store.lua:963: attempt to compare number with nil

Hi @Eldrig,

Not to worry. I’ve checked your account and can see a hat purchased today in your inventory, and a remaining Shillings balance of 313.

We’ve been experiencing a spike of Backend Error 1051 occurrences, which we are monitoring. Once the backend stabilizes, this should hopefully resolve the crashes and your Shillings balance should straighten itself out again.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

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