My shillings have disappeared

I was trying to buy something with shillings from Lohner’s shop, but suddenly game crashed and my shillings are gone, only to be marked with ‘-’ mark. And I’m unable to purchase anything, and when I try game crashes immediately again

I hope this problem can be solved quickly since it is interfering with my gameplay directly, not to mention my shillings I have been amassing are gone in a blink of eye.

Notification goes like this

GUID: 2465b72e-0c48-42bc-90cc-dd8fff06b48a
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/ui/views/hero_view/states/hero_view_state_store.lua:963: attempt to compare number with nil

Hi @Screamingrock

I’ve checked your account and not to worry, I can see your purchased item and a remaining Shillings balance of 288.

We’ve been encountering a spike of Backend Error 1051 occurrences, which we are monitoring. Once the backend stabilizes, this should hopefully resolve the crashes and your Shillings balance should appear correctly again.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


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