Shielded stormvermin

I don’t have an issue with them either. But if someone dips to the right or left of them, they should not be able to GOD MODE block. It’s a bit nuts… Then you have chars like daggermaiden who can stun lock them into timed back stabs. Some classes excel in killing them…

yea, that’s kinda the same as every other thing though. IBs or unchained don’t really excel at killing specials, compared to huntsmans or waystalkers or BHs. similarly no one can stand and tank an entire chaos patrol for several seconds except an IB with ult. no one can kill bosses as fast as a shade with a purple pot wielding dual daggers in melee range. no weapon can eradicate a whole horde instantly like a shotgun can.

i mean my point is that SSVs are philosophically like every other thing in the game, some setups deal with it efficiently but other setups not so much, but somehow they’re being singled out and ragged on badly.

Almost sounds like every other thread about shît being OP. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Oh no, how dare people imply something may be badly designed? No, clearly they’re just bad at the game! Just because you can potentially maybe eventually beat something, it’s completely balanced! GREAT design, actually. No tweaks required. Who even cares. If it works even remotely and doesn’t crash the game, it’s perfect. Nothing wrong with it. Absolutely nothing. Nope, everyone who has a problem with these mechanics is just lolbad and salty. You people are paragons of tranquility, meanwhile.

Man am I glad this place has a word filter

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It’s really easy to kill stormvermin with kruber and exe sword for example. One heavy attack followed by a push staggers them long enough to one shot them to the head with another heavy attack. Also handgun at full hero power insta kills them, although their shield can catch the bullet.

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I used to mind them, but not so much anymore. They seem well-designed to serve their purpose; punish tunnel-visioning of the whole team on a single enemy. They are the reverse of a mini-boss in that they don’t present much of a threat, and shouldn’t be ganged-up on, but make other enemies harder to kill by their presence. I can see how they must be very tedious when you have team mates who don’t get that and keep all trying to them. If you’re going to attack them, at least try to go around behind them.

The only time I have a problem with them is when there are more than one and trying to open one up pushes it behind another.

Maybe the best change to make to them would be to not have them knocked back as much when they block; it would make for easier flanking by allies, and prevent them from being knocked behind each other.


No of course you are not and i can understant why player like ssv like they are. But honestly most of the points that you like about them are reasons why i don’t like them.

Yes thats a technique but it doesn’t require skill and there are no risks when using it. You don’t need good timing or reflexes you just need to know the attacks to open their block with that certain weapon. Even if you just started playing the game and somebody told you the needed attacks for a certain weapon, you can already apply it. Why is there no risk? Because they are stunlocked during the whole process. They can’t even hit you back. Thats why i can’t enjoy that technique. Of course if you try to apply those techniques while they are sorrounded by a horde it requires skill. But most of the time people will kill the horde arround them and then the ssv’s last. Look at this Video. What do you think is easier killing the horde arround the two ssv’s or killing the ssv’s first? So the only situation where it would require skill to kill them will most likely never happen.

Of course i understand ssv’s by themself are not supposed to be a challenge or fun to fight. Their only job is to make killing a horde a bit more difficult and they do that. But they will still do that even if you decrease their block angle during their attacks.

Why is it fun to kill an enemy who can’t even attack back. Stunlocking them is incredible easy.

I agree this is actually fun. Atleast if you have to aim for the head.

This is teamplay and i like that. But in the situatuions where this is most needed (during horde) it will mostly not happen because teamates will kill horde and ssv’s last. They most likely won’t try to opend the ssv’s block during the horde. After the horde this teamplay is not needed anymore because ssv’s on their own are no thread at all. Maybe you can do that if you play with premades, but most of the players don’t play with premades.

Well not fun in my opinion. You don’t even have to aim for the head. Its easy, boring does make ssv’s kinda trivial.

Muscle memory? Wouldn’t call it like that. You don’t have to have done it a single time before and you can still do it.

Well i really don’t know which certain attacks you need on the longsword to open their block as you can see in the video. I still can easely take care of them. So i don’t really agree that you need to know what you are doing. Maybe on some weapons?

Killing them by exploiting terrain is in my eyes the defenition of boring game design. It’s like you are playing an RPG with tons of epic side quests (epic quests stand for fun to fight enemys in V2) then you suddenly get the quest to carry 10 stones from place A to B (killing 3 ssv’s by exploiting terrain). Some might say that there can’t only be epic quests in an RPG. I don’t think so. I think every enemy in V2 can be fun while still fullfilling their purpose. Decreasing the ssv’s block angle during their attack won’t take their role to make hordes harder to kill.


well, my post wasn’t really focused on having ‘fun’ (that’s really based on what players find fun) i’m just sharing techniques that i use to kill them quickly, since many people seem to be struggling.

the person in the video is using a weapon that is horrible against shields lol. but yes, in this case you definitely want to finish off the little ratties first because fighting 2 SSVs with a 2handed sword is going to take a looooong time, especially since he didn’t use his ranged weapon at all. it’s like bringing a conflag staff to a 1v1 boss fight: you can kill it, but it’s gonna take some time.

the guy in the video took like ages to kill ssv. with my favourite ssv killing machine the shade, 4 light attack swings for each SSV can kill them. it’s fun for me because it’s comparatively super fast and makes me imagine a movie sequence with an agile elf flurrying a slow armoured target to death. if you’ve seen game of thrones, the fight between the prince and the mountain.

well kinda same reason as above. if kruber had a handgun in the video, things would play out very differently, and quicker. i don’t know about you, but killing things fast is fun for me.

oh? i find using the environment to take care of threats is really fun. bombing bosses off cliffs, letting an assassin pounce off a mountain, slapping SSVs and stormvermins off ledges.

There is the reason why we have different opinions.

I guess you haven’t seen my first post. Killing enemys fast is not fun for me if killing them does not require skill. I don’t play vermintide because i wanna be a powerfull hero who fights throug enemys with no problem.
I play it cause off the challenge the game presents me. Having the right timing for dodging, judging distance correctly, finding good attack windows, having good awarness, always having an eye on what your teammates are doing. That’s why i play this game. That for example is why im not a big fan of temp health how it is right now (Makes finding attack windows with some weapons really easy.). That’s also why i don’t like that shade can kill bosses so fast. Bosses are a nice challenge for your skills but not if they die in 5 seconds. SSV’s are the only enemy left in the game who is mostly not fun fighting for me.

Its fun when you dodge the assasin and he jumps to his death. You needed to dodge succesfully so it required skill. Same with pushing bosses of cliffs. Especially if you can’t communicate with the team its quite hard. Killing ssv’s by making them climp up and down the same ledge doesn’t require any skill at all. What can go wrong when doing it?

Mookanana we won’t agree here. We just enjoy the game differently. But the change im suggesting won’t make it any diffenrent for you. It just will make the game more fun for people like me.


I think there’s literally been over 20 of these same threads asking for Shielded SV to be nerfed, many with analysis and math behind the posts. They fall on deaf ears.

In my mind it is important to bring up potential quality of experience changes frequently. Even though it was not addressed yet doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future, just means the timing wasn’t right yet.

If an angle change or additional stagger occurs I think it would be a more intuitive experience, especially for newer players.

Specially during Rasknitt they are so tedious.

I think a lot of people would be satisfied with the mechanics of the shielded stormvermin be tweaked and improved, one should be able to attack from angles and flanks without them flinching around and instantly blocking attacks.


Agreed, make em flank-able, and increase their attack speed and movement to compensate, maybe faster push also. (but they should not be able to push when staggered)


Literally the only change I would make to them is to narrow their block angle so you can hit them from the sides.

The only frustration for me is never being “behind” enough to back stab them during heavy pressure scenarios or teammates resetting their block with light attacks before I can get a strong headshot in during a shield break.

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To be fair, most individual enemies are very easy to deal with in this game, barring Lords. The difficulty comes when enemies are combined . . . that’s kind of how the challenge of the game works.

@Sno: I agree.

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it’s more like, ‘god forbid people defending things that seem to be badly designed to a group of people but not the rest’

debate is a two way street, i give my opinion on why i think it’s a good design (defensive enemy) against the opposing idea that the defensive capability is way overtuned.

onlookers/fatshark sees both sides of the argument instead of everyone simply shouting against it. is that not a fair way of looking at a situation?


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