Shattering Impact Blessing Has No Effect On Plasma Gun


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Issue Description:
The Blessing “Shattering Impact” has no effect on damage against any type of armored enemies when used on a Plasma Gun. Flak, Carapace, Maniac, Infested, Unyielding, are all entirely unaffected. This is most likely due to the damage of “Shattering Impact” now being calculated multiplicatively based off of armor damage reduction instead of simply boosting weapon damage against armor. This means that on 3 out of the 4 weapons (Plasma Gun, Rumbler, and Grenadier Gauntlet), even a Tier 4 Shattering Impact Blessing will have little to absolutely no effect.

Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Shoot any armored enemy with a Plasma Gun
  2. Apply Shattering Impact Blessing to it
  3. Shoot any armored enemy with the modified Plasma Gun
  4. Note that the damage has not changed

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Reproduction Rate:
console-2023-03-10-01.51.29-50861be2-0ce4-42d4-84fb-66da86347da4.log (655.5 KB)
Constant (100%)

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Can you equip a low armour pen weapon, then try hitting a crusher with your melee both before and immediately after shooting it to see if there’s any difference?

I thought Rending only affected the weapon it’s on, while Brittleness is the one that debuffs the enemy?

I can confirm that shattering impact still works on Grenade Gauntlet.

Bad description most of the time. Trauma blessing for example gives brittleness instead of rending.

From what I’ve heard every blessing that says it gives X rending on hit without a % sign is actually applying Brittleness (5% per stack so max tier shattering would apply 20% brittle on hit). This is definitely how shattering impact works on Rumbler, presumably it’s the same for all weapons with this blessing.

Of course that doesn’t explain why it’s not also granting plasma gun extra damage on armour on follow up shots. The most likely explanation for that is that Plasma, like Rumbler grenade impact (as opposed to the explosion), and trauma, it already has a X1 multiplier against most armour types so doesn’t itself benefit from rending or brittle. Of course it goes without saying that giving Plasma a blessing that simply debuffs armour for your melee and team mates is pretty silly when it’s meant to be a single target nuker. However that is, in all likelihood what is going on here.

I’ll give you guys the full breakdown:
I purposefuly went to the meat grinder to test the damage values against armor types before I applied the shattering impact blessing to the plasma gun (it has +20% Unyielding and +25% Flak damage) . The standard attack (left click) has a damage stat of 511 and the damage values were 760 against Flak, 907 against Unyielding, 480 against Carapace, 607 against Maniac, and 564 against Infested. When calaculated with the “Stopping Power” stat’s damage multipliers, that all comes out correctly. After recording this, I applied the Shattering Impact Blessing at Tier 2, which should provide +10% damage against the armor types listed. It does not. The values are all the same.

Yeah, that’s my point. It’s a downright useless Blessing for 3 out of the 4 possible weapons it can be on.

Sure but if my explanation is correct it’s not a bug, just a bad blessing. I’d still appreciate it if you can check for any effect on melee damage right after shooting a target.

Grenade Gauntlet only fully penetrates Flak armor, it should still (slightly) increase damage against other armor types.
As a side note, Rending and Brittleness are the same thing effectually. Rending is a buff that applies Brittleness.

Yes, this still works as the blessing is reducing the armor damage reduction value, not increasing weapon damage.

I guess it’s another variation of bug-or-feature, this time it’s bug-or-as-written.


The text for the blessing is wrong and should read:

“Target receives X} Stacks of 5% Brittleness on Hit. Lasts 5s”

Rending (attacking) and Brittleness (target) removes armor and does not boost base damage (as with a damage or power bonus)

As previously stated in the thread it tears down the armor of an enemy. If attacks penetrate armor they can’t take the benefit of that armor not being there but all other attacks.

For example this gives teammates better damage against it or giving you better damage when you switch to melee. Its mostly a support blessing, boosting your teammates.

Best regards! /Guen


Thanks for clarifying!

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