This theme has been raised many times.
In patch we got a “fix” for Shade’s broken mechanics : “Allowed Shade to gain critbuff from ult even when hidden from stealth on backstabs.” But Shade didn’t get guaranted crits from stealth, not backstabs , not in front , not when using melee weapons , not when using range weapons.
Now we have an 4.2Gb new class update and still no real fix for this problem.
All of these topics about Shade were not marked as “Not-a-Bug”.
So, when will we get a fix for this broken mechanics ?


Its not a bug.


Pretty sure this topic is in response to that note in the patch notes, and though it does make sense I argue that the Cloak of Mist doesn’t feel right.

I’m ok with Cloak of Pain, as it states “Second attack does not grand damage bonus” and never should have had a crit to begin with.
Cloak of Mist sacrificed Infiltrate’s damage bonus and replaced it with crits, which sacrificed raw burst damage for sustained damage that could be used against hordes and in combination with Vanish. Now I agree that it was overpowered against patrols and hordes (but what isn’t nowadays ?) and that it needs tweaking, but this is not a nerf or a tweak ; it is removal of a core interaction in the Shade’s mechanical workings. The crit = death = invis trio of synergies is a bit too much, but removing the crit removes the invisibility and Vanish becomes pretty much unusable and too RNG-dependant. Cloak of Mist allowed the player to keep control over Vanish and that is what I’d like to see come back, although I’d also like it not to delete a horde or a SV patrol from the back.

By the way, which damage bonus ? Where does it come from ? Infiltrate does not say there is a damage bonus at all, so what is removed on the second hit of Cloak of Pain, or on the hit from Cloak of Mist ? You should “fix” Shade and remove the damage bonus from Infiltrate since it doesn’t say there is one in the tooltip :

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