Set higher FOV as standard

First time I went into the game my reaction was wow this FOV is stupid. I just suggested this game to a friend who I play Overwatch with and within 5 min they were complaining of motion sickness and stopped playing. I then remembered the FOV setting and sure enough they had no idea that was what it was.

I know it’s obvious to a lot of us but not to everyone, and the low FOV default might drive some players to just outright stop playing.


A high FOV will lead to fish eye lenses view which causes everything to look distorted at edges and look like it’s moving faster . That can also cause motion sickness .

A more likely cause is the head bobbing and camera shaking. Those get more people queasy then any FOV setting ever has.

Also if they struggle after disabling those, motion blur and depth of field can also give some folk a sense of blech.

Was thinking more of a moderate FOV 75-90. It might not help everyone but I think it’ll be a lot better than the 65 or w/e it’s currently set to.

I recently set mine to 90 and find it to be pretty good. I was at the original FOV for the longest time and it took some time getting used to the higher setting but everything is fine and dandy now.

IIRC vt2 uses Vertical FOV where 65 is around 97 horizontal FOV. 90 vertical is 120-121 horizontal.

It should be 90, as this is the normal setting as far as I can tell. In Overwatch I’m using the full 103, though.

That’s why you shouldn’t use the full setting in vt2, 90 seems just fine as a recommendation.

Vermintide uses vertical FoV which is different from the 90 horizontal often used in other games, or the diagonal 103 FoV used in Overwatch.

People I know play in the 75-90 range.

I actually don’t think the tooltip that says vertical is accurate. Anyone who plays games often enough will be able to tell instantly that what it says in game is no where close to what one would expect.

High FoV giefs you fish eye effect. Point of FoV is to increase it until fish eye effect occour, or just to syncornize it with your other games (Keep in mind that FoV values in each game is not the same for example 71 FoV in V2 is same as 103 FOV in Overwatch)

There is FoV and mouse sensitivity calculator: So you can syncronize FoV and mouse sensitivity from your other games to Vermintide 2, so all your games feels the same. (once open page scroll down).

Wanted to give some number as an advise, as I play Overwatch quite often with 103 and didn’t feel like I had to adapt to the 90 in VT2.

71 v2 = 103 Overwatch… on 16:9 monitor 24" monitor, 1920:1080 resolution, done calculation with calculator i posted above.

i use the normal one. watching other people’s FOV pisses me off

75 is perfect and has a consistent similarity to all the other games I play.

I do however play at 2560x1440 so that probably factors into it.

Having the slider seems fine. I think we need an option to disable HDR effects first.

Sry but how stupid is this ? The normal FOV is “NORMAL” northing is stretched like it is, when you put it higher. Its a normal view. Everybody who gets " motion sickness" from normal fov can change it ^^ ( or if he is interested in seeing more, to be better in the game, which i fully understand)
But saying the normal fov gives motion sickness is kind of strange

I think fish eye effect occour after FOV 75,
With high fish eye its hard to judge distance between you and enemy + you will get head vertigo.

If you do your research you’d find it’s actually a real problem that many people face and calling people stupid and strange for feeling sick is a bit untactful.

If you want to bring up “Normal” The average human has a FOV of about 120 degrees. Low FOV’s (the default for this game) are common on consoles in which the person is far away from the tv which takes up a low amount of the persons vision. However on monitors where people sit closer to the screen it takes up more of your vision and a low FOV actually results in the sensation of looking through binoculars (very much not normal). In simple terms “normal” is completely dependent on how much of the screen covers your vision.