Just got curious. What FOV do you use?

Your FOV is
  • ~90
  • 91~119
  • 120

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Why are there no options for below 90? O.o

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Yeah I use 87 myself. The first option means approximately 90 so I guess that’s the closest one.

I use the default one. 45, is it? can’t remember. I’d much rather get the right proportions than better awareness of my surroundings at the cost of the fish-eye effect.
I got used to fighting like this, and taking in the info about my surroundings from other sources. I rely on sounds a lot, and I suppose I check my surroundings more often than not.
Possibly as a consequence of this, I noticed I have much less trouble with the dark sections than most of my friends. I love the darkness mutator in fact :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: a quick googling revealed the default number to be 65. Apparently this refers to vertical FoV, which is about 90 horizontal, which seems to be a standard. I’m quite ignorant in this, but maybe that’s what OP refered to.


Well, just as addition. I am using 80 which I wouldn’t call approximately 90 which would be the only close option.

Higher FOV’s look really weird and a-natural to me. Can’t even watch videos of people playing like this. It hurts something in my brain when 120+ ° of vision are cramped into less than actual 60 ° (talking about actually degree here not about FOV values as i am not sure if they are identical).


75. Care about my :eyes: and :brain:

The advantage of my solo playing is that I don’t need to fear ‘teammates’. Although bots often BETRAY, of course.

But a good picture and less headache are most important.

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~90 was meant for 90 and anything below :slight_smile:

Oi, that’s the struggle with fov. I prefer it to be more natural in term of angle I able to see, than hurting my wrist constantly moving mouse for 360 turns.

88, anything over that and I feel like its getting unplayable. Just watching people play on 110-120 fov makes me have headaches and nausea.

I also use something really close to default. Fisheye destroys all fun and atmosphere.

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