Server list not populating

Well, I have tried everything - restarting steam, restarting clearing the steam download cache, Still no results - this is what I am seeing, I dont understand why this is happening all of a sudden out of the blue. 3 days have gone by with no results. I am starting to wonder if reinstalling the game will do anything? just dont want any damage to my character profiles

I have tried everything to fix this issue. Short of reinstalling the game. I have reset my pc / reset steam / cleared downloads / Verified steam cache / Turned off all of my mods, nothing is helping this issue. I am still seeing this

This most likely won’t not fix it^

Nor does any of the other fixes floating around.

Nothing at all game servers are totally unresponsive on all lobbies - search distance - world

A new patch was just released. Is it working now?

Yes, but there is an option for “Show lobbies”, by default it’s on “Joinable”. If you set it to “all”. Do you see a list of servers? Or is it still empty. If it’s still empty, your not even connecting to the steam server list then I guess. Try changing your download region. For example, if your in Sweden, try changing to Denmark.

We’re looking in to this. We’re not sure why this is suddenly such a prominent issue. Before anything, and this is aimed at everybody here experiencing this issue, please ensure you’ve tried the solutions below:

  • Restarting Steam
  • Restarting your PC
  • Clearing Steam’s download cache
  • Changing Steam’s download region
  • Ensuring the appropriate Firewall/Anti-Virus exceptions are in place for both Vermintide 2 and our anti-cheat service, Easy Anti-Cheat

And, of course, please ensure you have the latest updates installed as 1.6.1 was released earlier.

Please keep me posted.

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I tried that and it didn’t work.

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Thank you, It seems as of right now - 4/1/19 6:50pm eastern time after I installed the most recent patch released today the issue is fixed. I shall inform if anything changes. Thank you.

Mine fixed on its own before the update. All good now I checked it today 2nd of April 2019 at 1:30 pm AEST.


I’m also working again, whatever you did, it worked. Thanks!

To anybody still experiencing this issue - development are looking in to it!

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I can only say, that I’ve tried everything, even reinstalled the game and nothing helped, list remains the same, that is empty.
Best luck to you guys, hope you find the source of the problem ASAP, because I’d love to play the game again :confused:

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Update 4/2/2019 - after the patch downloaded i got to play that day for a few hours. Come back today- issue has re emerged its ugly head… Just when i thought i was out of the woods.

Gonna have to give this a try tonight. I’ve had the bug every once in awhile before and restarting steam would fix it, but a few days ago I got the more serious “strain” of the bug… restarting things, clearing cache, changing download region, disable mods, etc did nothing to fix it. Very mysterious bug indeed, I do not envy the devs trying to sort it out!

One thing worth noting @FatsharkJulia (not sure if it’s worth passing on to the devs or not):
Normally I can join a friend’s game by finding them in my steam list, right-clicking on their name, and selecting “Join Game”.
However, when I am suffering from this no-lobbies-show-up glitch, I cannot join a friend this way. When I right-click on their name in steam, the “Join Game” option is not in the context menu.

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What if they invite you? Are you able to join them that way? Or can they get into your lobby? This is indeed rather strange…

Yeah, if they invite me I can join, and if I invite them they are still able to join.

What’s more strange is if we start the game with only two people, it will be a long time (10-15min) before anyone joins, and then suddenly two people will join at about the same time.

I live in a pretty popular area so before all this started, I could host a quickplay and have 3 joiners before I even started the map.

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Ok, so, a quick update - we’re patching for this soon! You won’t need to deal with this for much longer. Apologies for the inconvenience all.

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Logged in tonight and mine seems to be already fixed! My lucky night :smiley:

I’m sorry to say that the problem is back for me. Same symptoms as before.

Edit: And it has magically fixed itself after persisting through multiple restarts…

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