Scrounger, crit, and Ammo sustain consistency

That is one of the things I had in mind when I suggested trait. That, and the fact that it will use existing mechanics (i.e. existing code) without affecting over existing mechanics. So, it will be quite simple to implement, well, at least I think so.


Recycle - Each n-th successful shot is returns to the ammo pool.

I think increasing the ammo pool additively stacking with passive or talent ammo pool would already lessen the effect it has on “ranged” classes. No need to add extra exceptions.
Not having scrounger % be affected by some classes’ max ammo bonus would of course also be welcome, but I am not sure how viable that is to implement at this point.

I quite like the general idea, but with those numbers I’d struggle to think what weapon you’d run that on over Scrounger or CS. Best case I could think of is shotguns, but even there HS and Merc with 20% crit chance get the same effective ammo increase as Scrounger (+25% effective ammo pool). RV hardly cares about his trait with how much ammo he can generate. I guess it would slightly edge out Scrounger for shotguns on FK and IB. That seems very niche though. Is there a class/weapons combo I’m forgetting about here where an effective +25% ammo pool would outcompete Scrounger or CS? Oh actually there is potentially Moonfire bow I guess but lord knows that thing doesn’t need a ranged sustain trait in its current state.

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Topic starter wanted a flat ammo reserve buff. I suggested concept of a trait, that effectively works Iike a flat ammo reserve buff. I should probably wrote it like n-th instead of 5th.

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It doesn’t quite, though, because a % buff stacking additively would mean that waystalker could go from 200% to 200+n %, instead of 200+2n %. Every Xth shot refunding ammo, meanwhile, is very much a function of the ammo you have, meaning it’d work far better on high ammo weapons/classes, and is also a Huntsman talent.
Not actually against such a talent, it does what you say, but the choice of which one to take, depending on the numbers, is, as alsozara describes it, rather academic.
That said, a flat ammo buff, directly or through a consumption reduction, would have quite the potential, as there are occasional ammo drops, and sometimes guaranteed crates, and a player really only needs to conserve enough ammo to get to them.

Edit: It could obviously be “every N shots, but only every X seconds”. Then again, limiting scrounger to trigger twice every 3 seconds could also sort of solve its exponential growth, as weapons with high ammo counts usually come through with fire rate.

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Yeah this is an important part of the whole core of this subject. Ammo pickups still exist, and I don’t know exactly what fatshark wants from a balance perspective but the ranged game becomes very different when you don’t have to consider ammo at all.

In my view, the trait should be helping people span the gap between ammo crates rather than making them completely independent of ammunition (or not helping at all based on RNG).

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