Scrolling bar at the top - Disable option?

Is there an option to disable this text?

What text are you talking about exactly?

From Warhammer Vermintide Twitter -> " You might notice a strangle HTML notice in-game. The cause of this is found and we’re resolving it as soon as possible"


We have a web space where we host text files which update the launcher text and in-game breaking news “tickers”. We migrated our website to a new platform but the game points to the old location, the redirection did not work as quickly or effectively as we’d hoped, so we rolled back the migration and are awaiting the nameservers to re-cache the old location where the text files were.

What you’re seeing is just exposed HTML from a domain parking page. It’ll be gone once the nameservers all receive word of the correct location of said text files :slight_smile:


Thank for the clarification.

I’ve never seen this ‘breaking news ticker’ utilized before, it appeared to be new.
What would be considered ‘breaking news’ to warrant it’s use under normal circumstances?

Scheduled maintenance, planned interruptions, patch notifications when a new patch is known to be totally incompatible with a previous version or infrastructure - things like that.


Thank you for the prompt response.
This is very helpful to know.

Can you use it to give some shout outs? Or better yet, just stick a Salty or bardin voice line in there :wink:


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