Scriptures Grims AND Auspex


Would be really neat to have Auspex we use in Certain Missions, working to find Scripture/ Grims/ Relics!

Its a cool feature anyways and why not make it so we can use it all the time.
If it works like with Mission Obejective it would be nice.
Since in the Missions we have to Scan the Object could be one Level higher or lower and some search is still needed.


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I’ve suggested that this would be an awesome feature for an Adeptus Mechanicus class. Give them an auspex they can always use, or one built into their hud (perhaps a feed of an attached servo skull that can be upgraded with feats and items). They could also, perhaps, be able to activate switches remotely though the skull, and take less time to do technical tasks.

Anyway I agree. I love running around with the auspex.