is the use of scripts allowed? like but not limited to pressing one button and the character does many attacks or comboes without further input

I very much hope so, as I’ve got repeat-light-swing on a mouse macro.
I can’t imagine playing without it tbh as I’d be going through mouse after mouse after mouse.

That said; I can’t think that you’d want to go more than two actions deep as it’d really leave you open to an attack you can’t respond to. Also, be aware that different instances seem to have differing amounts of lag, so if you’re trying to get a fastest-fire-rate for a gun, it’d may end up being detrimental as it misses inputs.


( If u want my personal opinion for this it goes like this, if you dont want to do something dont do it.
If u dont want to press the buttons, dont do it. You can go do something else that you want to do.
Me and others want to play this game and i personally want to play this game with other people wanting to play the game or i would do something else entirely.
Am i crazy that i want to play the game? even if i am i still want to play the game when i do )

Yet the reason i opened this post is to know if it is allowed not to expand on my personal views

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I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you meant by this reply.

In case what I’d written wasn’t clear: I don’t think FS are bothered about people using keyboard/mouse macros unless it’s designed to cause detriment to other players.

If you’re writing an external injection script to cheat, then that’s obviously going to be a no.


I think you’re referring to macros. I’m no Fatshark employee ofc, but I’m very certain the answer is yes.

We know modding is allowed, and mods are essentially the same as scripts & macros except so much more too. I’ve also seen at least a few patch notes refer to auto-attack macros very neutrally, in a context implying it’s fine. Regardless, I’ve used Autohotkey since Jan 2023 - almost since release - and never had any issues.

I initially started because of the unreliable equipment swap due to no command queue & random server responsiveness issues: I got tired of pressing melee only to find I was still firing and even blowing myself up from peril. The game also didn’t have a “mute in background” option for a year, so I added a mute button. From there whether it was parrying, ults refusing to fire for no reason, or spammy weapons like knife III, I fixed them with the same script. So I should think you’ll be fine with basic scripts. :smile:

I mean, I do love the game but given its issues, if scripts weren’t fine then I wouldn’t be playing it either. Thankfully very few weapons actually need an autoattack, most are just worse with it since they use alternating combos depending on situation that changes on the fly. But as @Jonboy said obvious cheating is another issue entirely.

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EAC is installed but not used by Darktide anymore. Hence why we can install mods.

If say another game that does use anticheat then it may detect external programs. In which case you simply use your manufacturer software i.e. Razer, Steelseries etc to save macros into onboard memory of your keyboard/mouse, set the delay to reasonable delay i.e. 1ms too short and game won’t detect that fast i.e. 100-200ms then it is just seen as normal mouse inputs.

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Yes. Macros have been allowed in 'Tide games for a long time. There are speedrun videos of long time community members that FS had worked with using macros for complicated combos and FS has not handed out penalties.


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so u can use them but not in detriment of other players
(like i remember u could use scoreboard mod but not to abuse your teammates)
but what counts as “detriment of other players” in this case ?
for example i had a really annoying player that played solo in a lot of my games that killed everything using a macro but without the macro he couldnt play (he was spamming push attacks)
thats the main reason i wanted to ask if its ok in first place

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I mean… spamming attacks, let alone something like push-attacks (which is even slower & easier without a macro, on top of consuming stamina so both limited and even dangerous when spammed)? You’re welcome to try to push your case but somehow I don’t imagine you’ll get anywhere.

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i dont want to push anything, i am just asking what counts as “detriment of other players” in the marco case, i just gave an example

Legally speaking the whole idea of “what counts as detriment” is muddled as heck so it’s pointless for us to speculate. That’s all up to Fatshark.

Since we’re also talking about a game as complex as Darktide, which already allows for modding mind you, I imagine blaming macros for that detrimental behaviour is basically impossible. I mean, this isn’t some MMO with ultra grindy & repetitive crafting that’s easy to script/macro for a significant advantage over vanilla players.

In practice, IF someone gets penalized for detrimental behaviour, it’s going to be over the behaviour itself, not whatever macros they used while doing it. So mass reports over toxicity & trolling along with screenshots & videos as proof, really.

Point is, spamming LMB or push attacks isn’t going to be enough. That’s just going to get you killed on T5+ and isn’t even remotely disruptive enough. :sweat_smile: As for lower difficulties, just spamming Assail or whatever will likely get far more done than push-attacks anyway.

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Fully tolerated by the devs currently. Also look at mods like keepswinging or whatever they’re called nowadays. They implement it in a better way than a macro can

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I’ve had players like this aswell and it’s annoying and borderline exploiting, but it’s defacto tolerated by Fatshark. They probably can’t be arsed to go after little things like this, even if it’s annoying to play with.
They probably would hand out bans for more severe things that impact the other peoples experience more than that though, like if something made a very spammy disruptive sound or visual effect or something

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I believe the only case where I ever felt that was a problem, was when in on the Nexus there was some sort of mod that let you do something similar? And Psyker players could turn into lawn mowers by using a certain mechanic that looked really stupid and was very strong.

The mod was removed by the author I believe. So I would say just don’t do anything that crazy and you’ll be fine.

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