Save marksmans focus!

i know theres a lot of displeasure with the new Vet tree and i get a bunch of the complaints, the long legs, the jank of using the middle keystone the right one just not being very practical etc.

But please can we not loose the little good here in the rush to condemn, Marksmans focus is just so fun and effective to use. it really fits with the pushing forward assaulter popping heads and dropping range with speed and ease.

not just a raw buff you have to actually play to it. which feels good because your doing it. kill> move , always shuffling looking for cover or targets or just walking laying fire into a pack popping heads as you go. the stacks come fast and dont drop off as fast as i think people are expecting and the damage …

its great with high damage precise rifles like the old mg12 or mk 7 HH but i think its when you go with a finesse based torrent weapon my fave being mk5 infantry. getting 4 figure damage per bullet on the dreg gunners , if you can land the head shots.

if you have written this gem off i strongly encourage you to go back and give it a fair shake imo this is as strong and as fun as this playstyle has ever been.

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If its not a problem, can u maybe show me (us) ur talent tree? … I’m really interested… I tried MM focus and haven’t fun at all… Maybe I can adapt my build for good

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disclaimer this isnt a min maxed build this is version 1.0 of what i enjoyed. break points are not considered damage meters not used, i find it fun and it gets the job done.

the melee and curios i dont think matter much, though the extra tough does go well.

you can use most range weapons , you just need to be able to land those headshot kills quick. the best for meis the mk 5 infantry auto . im familiar with the guns recoil already its accurate enough to hip fire head shiots at short range and its accurate out to long and during the class ability window its a laser without recoil.

most guns can work id stay away from ones with high reload time/frequency , you definitely want to be able to reload and not drop out of exe stance.

only thing is to remember to focus the enemy shooters and think about your movement. the stacks come fast and go slow but still be mindful of when you can move for free

hope you like it

Thx pal… I will give it a try :+1:

Because of point tax you can’t have Combat Ability modifiers, but you get Onslaught and Marksman focus. It is very high DPS, and you can melt crushers. You’ll be killing enough specials that you can get plenty of uses of Executioner stance.

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Interesting… I had never considered an Executioner stance build without relentless modifier… But I see what u did there… I will give this a try as well… Thx for sharing :+1:

Yeah. It’s a bit weird that you have to be selective with your combat ability, but you are so much stronger outside of it that overall I find it better.

Should have go with Kantrael MG la tbh, since you can make use of finesse power a lot more at long range. Unless you just want the synergy of Comlumnus V and Onslaught

Also Columus V is ridiculously strong pick right now imo, with or without Markman’s Focus.

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