Saltzpyre Volley Crossbow and Bolts

Hello there!
After finding Kerillian’s volley crossbow bugs (, I decided to check if Saltzpyre’s one is ok. Turns out, it is not.
There are even more issues with it, here they are:

  1. There are no bolts inside of it during inspection animation.
  2. After the hero inspection the bolts move to the top part of it where they don’t belong. And that look disturbing to me for some unknown reason. However, bolts disappear after you shoot ot aim.

So, steps to reproduce for the first bug:

  1. Equip volley crossbow.
  2. Inspect it.
  3. See no bolts inside it.

And for the second one:

  1. Inspect your hero.
  2. Stop inspecting and watch bolts where they’re not supposed to be.

Here’s the video if the expaination’s not clear enough:


I would love to see this fixed. The bolts outside the crossbow are truely strange.

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